Warren Buffett: US Recession "Deeper and Last Longer"

When the Wizard of Omaha called it a recession, does that make it official? Warren Buffett, perhaps the world's most prominent investor, had just said that United States is "already in a recession":

He said the United States was "already in recession" and added: "Perhaps not in the sense that economists would define it" with two consecutive quarters of negative growth.

"But the people are already feeling the effects," said Buffett, the world's richest man. "It will be deeper and last longer than many think."


What do you think? Are we in a recession yet?

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Remember, the masonic hands that control the puppets we see on our television screens view the world as a giant chessboard. You're all part of a bigger game and you best believe that EVERYTHING is orchestrated, and how much money you do or don't have will never change the fact that we're their slaves unless we make the decision to not be. If you don't believe that you currently exist in slavery, whip out your birth certificate and look at the red numbers in the bottom left hand corner. Take those numbers to a stock broker and have him/her run them. You will find that there is stock on YOU but you don't own it... Nevermind the b/s soap opera they force down your throat with media... question yourselves on how much longer you'll let them control you and your children. You are profane and unworthy vermin to them. They think they're better than all of us. Who are they? WAKE UP.
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"It isn't the Democrats who started a war of agression based on lies to protect oil interests."

Ahhh! One of the great leftist memes, regurgitated once again.

The war just to "protect oil interests" - how much a barrel now?

Do ya think there may have been another motive? Anyone? Beuller? Anyone?
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