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I got a 3 can pack at Costco for less than $10 about a month ago; just finished first can- my husband doesn't like pancakes and I can make myself one or two at a time and be done. They are wonderful: sweet, light crunchy exterior and perfect! Packaging says one can makes 28 four inch cakes. I gave one can to a neighbor as a Christmas gift. Very cool product. Saw an individual can at Bristol Farms for $6.
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I was born here, my parents were born here, my grandparents came here, legally. My husband became a naturalized citizen when he was 10 years old when his parents came here legally. I did not say anyone does not work hard (actually, except those on the dole, thank you, Sid) but I am tired of the billboards written only in Spanish, the dual language of my bank deposit machine, the fact that we in California have to pay to have voting ballots and instructions printed in 13 Official languages for Los Angeles County (4 languages for San Diego County) as well as providing a phone bank of multi-linguals for each election when, in order to become a citizen, you have to be proficient and take the test in the English Language and take the oath to the US in English. Don't even start me on the school system and bilingualism.
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Not in California, tempscire. We went higher than Federal minimum wage a few years ago and with each Federal hike, we go up more. (I believe minimum wage here just went to $7.25 an hour with the corresponding Fed hike to $5.85 a few weeks ago)...therefore employers had to raise the 'long time' employees wages-so that they are not now Minimm Wage Employees and it trickled up.

Sorry. I meant to let you know I live in San Diego county and the border problem here is ridiculous.
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Thing is, ryan, Americans DO want the jobs but the employers do not want to have to pay a minimum wage and the accompanying FICA and disability taxes.

The way minimum wage is going up, we all will be paying more for everything else anyhow-remember it used to be a 99¢ menu at all the Fast Food places? Now it is the $1.29 menu. Arby's sandwiches used to be 5 for $5 and now, with a coupon are 2 for $5. You can't go out for a cheap lunch for less than $7 any more.

I am tired that I have to learn to speak Spanish to accomodate these people who have broken into My Country.
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Oh yeah, and I have almost always used a clothes line..and conserved water and about 15 years ago we were told to "cut back" our water useag and I xeriscaped my yard and got thelow flow toilets that cost more and didn't wash my cars and poured dirty water into my garden and you know what- the Water Company brought in less money and so they RAISED our rates 20%. The hell with this. I see lines of 6 SUVs waiting for a beverage at a Drive Through Starbucks and smile now. I love the excessive packaging on kid's lunches. I ask for a paper bag lined with a plastic one at the grocery store.
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Meunster- It most likely is a law wherever you are that the person handling cash cannot also handle food products without washing hands between transactions. It is probably more efficent fo one person to only work at the register and another to touch food products.

I get pointed and laughed at...even when I am not at Starbucks ordering...
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I hadn't heard of it and read the paperwork from the package inside of Costco the other day. One thing it noted was that the people who were in the control groups were given adult diapers. I stopped reading at that point. I knew how you could lose that "50% more". Nope. No. Un unh. No way. Eat less, exercise more...that is the only thing that works.
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Marshamallows formed into baby chick form covered with a fine sugar coating, traditionlly yellow in color. Used to be available only at Easter.

Now the company uses other colors of sugar for the chicks as well as makes other shapes (you see the bunnies in some of the dioramas) and has Peeps in varios shapes for other holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day)
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