Joe Lieberman and the Mysterious Number 448,077.

The Flypaper Theory blog pointed out that:

In 2000, Joe Lieberman's Republican challenger received 448,077 votes.

In 2006, Joe Lieberman's Democratic challenger received 448,077 votes.


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Sorry to disappoint, but Ned Lamont got 450,837 votes, not 448,077.
The Republican got 109,196, not 12,000.
Check out the pdf file.

End of investigation.
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Either this is a freaky coincidence or David Ickes was right all along. Either way, I demand an investigation forthwith.
As for his Liberal street cred, Lieberman is extremely pro-choice. Other than that, no, not so much. He's in the dictionary next to DINO. But Jim Jeffords was the same way, except with the Republicans so it kind of balanced out for awhile.
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Wait a minute. Somebody thinks Lieberman is a Democrat - he's a Republican in all positions? He lost to the Democrat in the primary and then got ALL of the GOP vote to win the election. Look at what the GOP candidate got - 12,000 votes?

Bryan, you don't think it's odd that his opponent got EXACTLY the same number of votes in two different elections? I would DEFINITELY call for an election investigation if I lived in CT. (Assuming that this is true, which may or may not be the case)
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"...and for joe to beat out the guy he couldn’t even beat in the primary? that’s vote fraud boys and girls..."

Connecticut has closed primaries, so it's entirely possible for one candidate to do very well in the primary but very poorly in the general. This was a classic example of that.
Other than the fact that the candidate you voted for didn't win (join the club!) what evidence do you have to support your assertion that there was vote fraud in the CT elections?
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