The Oracle of Starbucks.

Enter your normal Starbucks order, and this widget will explain your personality. The problem is, I don’t have a regular Starbucks order. There is no Starbucks where I live, and when traveling I prefer to avoid chains. So I only order from Starbucks in airports, which isn’t often. The Oracle told me I am a boring couch potato who can’t even swear properly. Maybe you will have better luck. Link -via the Presurfer

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I hate coffee, and so I normally order a small hot chocolate. it said that i'm the gal who tags along with her friends when they visit starbucks because i have nothing better to do. That is true. It also said that i'm the kind of person who would order a Tazo Chai Crème, which I think I have before (or something tazo).

it also said that i'm most likely a stripper. which is not true. xD
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Starbucks is also evil for using the wrong terminology. Starbucks has become so pervasive that their ordering terms are, in some places, more well known than the traditional terms, leading to coffee ordering confusion everywhere. When you go into a real coffee shop and order a macchiato, they shouldn't feel the need to remind you that theirs isn't like Starbucks', should they?

The oracle said I was clueless and didn't go to Starbucks much. The latter half at least is true.
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"Could someone explain to me why Starbucks is evil? "


Starbucks is convenient; but like any great idea that grows too rapidly, the product suffer with the growth. For one, starbucks' coffee is generally horrible, brewed, mixed and served fast-food style by employees who have little care for the product or customer.

Starbucks also has a nasty habit of positioning themselves near, or just outright buying local coffee houses, driving independent business owners out of the market. I can already hear someone replying with "well, that's capitalism" - perhaps, but it is hard to compete with a corporation that has a practically endless well of funding.

In NYC we have areas we call "starbucks triangles" which is any location where you can stand, throw a rock and hit 3 different starbucks locations from the same spot.

Too much market saturation...
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