The Latino 300

Here's a Latino 300 parody by the Latino Comedy Project, where instead of Spartans, there are Mexicans invading San Diego! Definitely bound to generate some controversy.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Miss Cellania

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Hard working or not, they sure do know how to take advantage of foodstamps and WIC. Oddly, only 1/4 of them can show me a valid US I.D for beer. How they do it, I don't know. They definitely aren't here legally and they collect the benefits anyway.
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I like that you live in San Diego Califiornia, where Los Angeles ansd San Fansisco , Sen Bernadino and The Sand Adreas fualt is.

Where the weather is a little screwy from El Nino,

But you don't want to have to lears n Spanish just to accomadate theses people invading your country.

Read some history moron.

it might clue you into how all these places got their odd, maybe even Spanish sounding, names.
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This video is very funny. It was meant for that sole purpose though. Just for a laugh.

Cindy, you're ignorance makes me want to scream. I know for a fact that millions of Americans go to Mexico for spring break, summer break, or whatever. There they expect to be able to pay with American money, to be able to spend their vacations without taking the time to learn a single word in spanish (maybe except for taco or burrito), and have their own private beaches (which they do). So don't say that the U.S. is over-accommodatin the immigrants because they are not.
And the whole drunk-hit-&-get-deported crap, is exactly that crap. And you know how my grandfather died? He was run over by a drunk AMERICAN driver who was running from the police in Mexico.
Immigrants do give more than they take. Many Americans complain about having to pay your taxes but at least you get it back. Immigrants don't. The U.S. keeps this money, which is a lot. So next time you want to "prove your point," take the time to learn the facts.
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Cindy, do you have any actual proof that this scenario -- a hit-and-run driver is deported back to Mexico and gets off scott-free -- has ever actually happened, or is it just another of your xenophobic fantasies? Because that's what it sounds like to me.

And many foreign countries *do* have signs, etc., printed in English, as a courtesy to English-speaking people. This is particularly true in countries that have a history of being colonized by English-speaking peoples, such as India, which was illegally occupied by the British for hundreds of years. As a result, English is very widely spoken, and some Indian schools do offer English-only education. The area you live in was originally colonized by Spanish-speaking people before it was annexed by the U.S. Deal with it.
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