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The Latino 300

Here's a Latino 300 parody by the Latino Comedy Project, where instead of Spartans, there are Mexicans invading San Diego! Definitely bound to generate some controversy.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Miss Cellania

Oh no. I am so afraid of hard working mexicans coming to this country and taking the jobs that americans don't want to do. How terrible.

WHO CARES! Don't like mexicans coming here to work, ok, are you willing to spend $4.00 for a tomato?
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Well... once you consider the fact that it appears to be produced by a company comprised of Latinos with the intention of making "latino" themed comedy... it's not that big of a deal.

Not that it should be a big deal any since it's just comedy.
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Thing is, ryan, Americans DO want the jobs but the employers do not want to have to pay a minimum wage and the accompanying FICA and disability taxes.

The way minimum wage is going up, we all will be paying more for everything else anyhow-remember it used to be a 99¢ menu at all the Fast Food places? Now it is the $1.29 menu. Arby's sandwiches used to be 5 for $5 and now, with a coupon are 2 for $5. You can't go out for a cheap lunch for less than $7 any more.

I am tired that I have to learn to speak Spanish to accomodate these people who have broken into My Country.
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Cindy-- 1)I often get lunch for under $7 without even trying hard and 2)those prices went up because of inflation, seeing as how they went up far more often than minimum wage has.
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Not in California, tempscire. We went higher than Federal minimum wage a few years ago and with each Federal hike, we go up more. (I believe minimum wage here just went to $7.25 an hour with the corresponding Fed hike to $5.85 a few weeks ago)...therefore employers had to raise the 'long time' employees wages-so that they are not now Minimm Wage Employees and it trickled up.

Sorry. I meant to let you know I live in San Diego county and the border problem here is ridiculous.
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I don't want to dig myself into this too deeply, but a big reason that "Americans don't want low-paying jobs, etc." is true is because they can earn a better living much more easily simply by being on the dole.

In days of old (check out photos from rural America in the 1930s on the blog - you may need a wake up call on how things were like then) Americans would work those low-skill jobs. They worked and they worked hard, or their familes went hungry. Then socialism came in with a myriad of "programs". Although many defend their existence as "safety nets", the fact of the matter is that anyone with a modicum of street smarts can manipulate the system and hook into a myriad of town, county, state, and federal programs to net a whole lot more $ than they would ever do at that tomato-picking job -- and all at a lot less work!

Even less educated / "poor" people behave rationally and "maximizing" in such a situation... They sign up for the dole and they tell their friends how to work the system best as well. There's still a need to fill the vacant positions, and illegal aliens are willing to fill the bill (being rational and maximizing themselves, they know the work/$ ratio is better than their next best opportunity).

If you want solve illegal immigration, stop paying Americans to sit on their behinds.

Straight talk from Sid.
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Cindy said "I am tired that I have to learn to speak Spanish to accomodate {don't you mean "accommodate"} these people who have broken into My Country."

Let's remember the name of the city referred to is in Spanish. The state was named by the Spanish as well. The land we live in (I live in San Diego County too) was taken by force for us to live in.

I spent a day working with a group of Mexican immigrants. They were the hardest working people I've ever spent a day with.

Mexican immigrants (legal and otherwise) give more than they take.
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Amen, Dan.

If Cindy is tired of illegal immigration, she can pack her bags and give HER country back to the Native Americans her forefathers took it from.
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Illegal immigrants actually don't give more than they take, but don't let facts get in the way of your multi-cultural moral biases. Go ahead and feel smug about your liberal social policies that have failed to work for the past 40+ years.
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Sid :
hear, hear!

But, how to protect a somehow more humane and positive system against its benefactors?... More controls and f*g fines if you cheat. You cannot give billions and not controlling them (good for immigration, medicare, and things such as Fema).
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I was born here, my parents were born here, my grandparents came here, legally. My husband became a naturalized citizen when he was 10 years old when his parents came here legally. I did not say anyone does not work hard (actually, except those on the dole, thank you, Sid) but I am tired of the billboards written only in Spanish, the dual language of my bank deposit machine, the fact that we in California have to pay to have voting ballots and instructions printed in 13 Official languages for Los Angeles County (4 languages for San Diego County) as well as providing a phone bank of multi-linguals for each election when, in order to become a citizen, you have to be proficient and take the test in the English Language and take the oath to the US in English. Don't even start me on the school system and bilingualism.
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I think this is not correct, not every Mexican looks like that come on there are other people in Mexico than just immigrants.
I just think it’s NOT funny (I'm MEXICAN) and found it sad that people see or think that those are the all Mexicans. You should at least take your time to lean about the country.
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Cindy, seriously, why do you care whether the bank deposit machine is written in two languages? How does it hurt you? Likewise, who cares whether the billboards are in Spanish? If you desperately want to know what they say, you could probably figure it out, or you could take two seconds and type the words into Altavista. Because, really, who cares?

And the fact that your grandparents came here legally doesn't have anything to do with the issue the other poster raised. The area you live in was forcibly colonized by the Spanish, who introduced their language, and then it was conquered by the United States. It's true that the U.S. is a primarily English-speaking country, but people have been speaking Spanish in your part of the world for a lot longer than they've been speaking English. If you don't like it, maybe *you* should move.
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While I won't tell you you should find something funny that you don't, I will try to explain that (I think) the film makers were trying to make fun of American fears of Mexicans.
Not Mexicans themselves.
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Oh, please. Try going to any foreign country and DEMANDING that they put things in English for you, teach your children in English only, allow you to vote and have ballots printed in English all the while being there illegally, breaking the laws to get there and then asking for and demanding free public services. See the reaction you get. Why should any of us obey laws, then? I have to show proof of insurance to have my car registered in California, but they can drive over the border, get drunk and drive, hit and kill someone and all that happens is they are deported back to Tijuana, and will most likely be back here the next day. What part of ILLEGAL don't you understand?
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Listen everybody: Thanks Neatorama for allowing something more controversial. And, Thanks to the people who did that clip, IT IS FUNNY and, I think that was the intention. Great job guys.

And by the way, NOT all Mexicans want to go to the USA. Not all Mexicans and is not only Mexicans (illegal or not) in the USA want everything in Spanish. What they want is to find a job, make some money (minimum wage or sometimes even less), send that home and be left in peace.

Mexico happens to have a border with the USA but, it is of all Latin America counties people go to the USA. It just so happens that they have to go via Mexico.

To everyone who has a proplem with Latinos or especially with Mexicans, rent the movie "A day without Mexicans" and then form an opinion.

Again, Thanks to the poeple who did the clip and Thank you Neatorama.
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Cindy, do you have any actual proof that this scenario -- a hit-and-run driver is deported back to Mexico and gets off scott-free -- has ever actually happened, or is it just another of your xenophobic fantasies? Because that's what it sounds like to me.

And many foreign countries *do* have signs, etc., printed in English, as a courtesy to English-speaking people. This is particularly true in countries that have a history of being colonized by English-speaking peoples, such as India, which was illegally occupied by the British for hundreds of years. As a result, English is very widely spoken, and some Indian schools do offer English-only education. The area you live in was originally colonized by Spanish-speaking people before it was annexed by the U.S. Deal with it.
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This video is very funny. It was meant for that sole purpose though. Just for a laugh.

Cindy, you're ignorance makes me want to scream. I know for a fact that millions of Americans go to Mexico for spring break, summer break, or whatever. There they expect to be able to pay with American money, to be able to spend their vacations without taking the time to learn a single word in spanish (maybe except for taco or burrito), and have their own private beaches (which they do). So don't say that the U.S. is over-accommodatin the immigrants because they are not.
And the whole drunk-hit-&-get-deported crap, is exactly that crap. And you know how my grandfather died? He was run over by a drunk AMERICAN driver who was running from the police in Mexico.
Immigrants do give more than they take. Many Americans complain about having to pay your taxes but at least you get it back. Immigrants don't. The U.S. keeps this money, which is a lot. So next time you want to "prove your point," take the time to learn the facts.
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I like that you live in San Diego Califiornia, where Los Angeles ansd San Fansisco , Sen Bernadino and The Sand Adreas fualt is.

Where the weather is a little screwy from El Nino,

But you don't want to have to lears n Spanish just to accomadate theses people invading your country.

Read some history moron.

it might clue you into how all these places got their odd, maybe even Spanish sounding, names.
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Hard working or not, they sure do know how to take advantage of foodstamps and WIC. Oddly, only 1/4 of them can show me a valid US I.D for beer. How they do it, I don't know. They definitely aren't here legally and they collect the benefits anyway.
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