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I don't know about you "my friends" but wasn't McCain's remark showing a lack of respect towards Sen. Obama when he said “Who voted for it? You might never know — that one,” gesturing at Obama. “Who voted against it? Me.” ? Was it intentional and disrespectful? Was it unintentional? Or was it racist? You be the judge.

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Jeremiah u are a very wise man, I've been reading your comments & you're right on point w/ your statements. I find that there is no point to convincing conservatives your/our point of view...because they pretty much don't care, even if McCain was proven to be 100% racist & I mean KKK racist, I'm sure he wouldn't lose many republican votes. I don't understand why we have to work three times as hard to get half as far can anyone honestly tell me that they believe that McCain is a more intelligent (Harvard Law), understanding (Audacity of Hope), knowledgeable (again, Harvard Law) candidate then Obama? What school did McCain go to again??
Both were rhetorical question b/c I know how conservatives don't care about things like their candidate being intelligent lol -- BUSH!

I digress, anyways the American people are tired of the BS that the Republican party has put this country through. No more human pinocchios if only their nose grew when they told lies, the country wud be in a better place. Nevertheless, come November Obama will be in office. & a positive change will occur during his tenure.

Another thing which represents how the republican party likes to steal & sweep the evidence under a rug, for lack of a better word (Enron....America). "Change" was originally Obama's campaign slogan. 6 months into the campaign all of a sudden, because he was getting ripped in half for being Bush's puppet, McCain campaign began to use "change" as their slogan, & I still don't understand the logic b/c he sided w/ Bush the entire time while in office. Where's the change? lol clowns..

Sara Palin.....enuff said lol
I think she's an example for "those ones" not caring what their candidate does as long as they get in the White House b/c lets face it she not qualified @ all. & if McCain were to get in office a kick the bucket she will be a world leader, lol. Scary huh?

By the way neat-o-rama, this is a GREAT site. I've been coming to this site for about a year now, very interesting news/posts. Post whatever u see fit to post, it's your site, & I enjoy all of your posts, angry repubs lol

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Anyone who thinks this was a racist remark is so uniformed, so hypersensitive, and so blind to reality that they should be euthanized. Seriously. Just because you don't like the guy is no excuse for blind idiocy.
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Racist? Give me a break. This post is a feeble attempt to to smear a good man.

If I'm the judge, then I judge Neatorama unworthy of place in my newsreader. You'll have to enjoy your race-baiting without me.
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Scathing political commentary there tomms. Where'd you get your Poli Sci degree from? Clearly you understand the state of American politics better than anyone.
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