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Speaking of teen drivers, Judson Smull is 17 too himself. :)

"@ robin, i totally agree. not sure why he had to take the WHOLE lane. move over a bit and try to accommodate the vehicles. however, i’m sorry he got hit and im so glad that the guy didn’t get away!"

Sharrows. Some cities paint these signs on lanes to (a) encourage cyclists to take up the whole lane so they're more visible and (b) let drivers know the "bike lane" is essentially in the middle of the lane. Apparently roads are more dangerous when one lane gets used as two lanes (such as when a bike and car are side-by-side within in the same lane).
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Since these are not full powered tazers this sounds more like Cattle Prod Ball. Seems more like an BDSM thing than a sport.

What would be more interesting would be to add electric shock to existing sports--such as fencing, where the person scored against would get a shock with each successful hit. (This would be through the scoring system, not some sort of tazer charged foils, so off target hits wouldn't count, but simultaneous hits would) Much more interesting that a light going off, and might have to turn the shocks up a bit discourage the kind of reckless bravado and very un-fencing like behavior that is common in international fencing these days.
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I'm not sure a contract is sufficient to get him out of liability. There are certain rights you can't sign away, depending on the circumstances. For instance, if you have sex with a woman, get her pregnant, and have her sign a "release" contract or some such that doesn't get you off the hook for your legal obligation to support the child. The state can still come after you for support all the way through the child's 18th year. I believe the same applies to this guy's sperm donations because he isn't going through the proper legal channels. IANAL, but I believe that is the case in CA.
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By distributing his sperm directly rather than through, ahem, proper channels, like a doctor's office, he may be liable for child support. Just one of those quirks of the law--so he's potentially being pretty stupid.
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If anything the video is lame for taking so long to teach so little. I can forgive the bad acting and terrible effects, but not the poor instruction--well, that and yet another stupid corporate sales acronym... What an incredible waste of time... :p
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Haha, beware of cooterbiker, Mexicans! He knows something about chasing people out of a country--too bad for him its from the chasee's viewpoint. And he's got three guns and talks tough on the internet! Watch out!
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ANYTHING that can act abrasively on the surface of the CD will work. The reason is that the data is on the top side of the disc, directly underneath the label. Beneath that, is a lot of plastic, and it is possible to polish that plastic "smooth enough".

Before attempting any physical data recovery, copy whatever you can. There's a chance you'll screw up something else and wind up with errors elsewhere on the disc.

If you have a copy protected game and are attempting to restore the entire disc in one go, well, it sucks to be you and this is why you should write your government and DEMAND that the DMCA - and its European equivalent, be repealed - citizens should have the legal right to a deprotected backup copy of media they have legally purchased.

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I knew as soon as sushi started popping up everywhere next to pre-packaged sandwiches that we'd be seeing problems with it.

Fish is one of the most dangerous foods you can eat. Their environment is totally unregulated and polluted daily. I can't see how people even LIKE fish unless you're in some fancy New England restaurant right on the water where you know the fish is fresh... well fresher.
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Can't speak for the others, but the one at Fairview was built because goats like to have stuff to climb. The estate sells goat cheese, etc. as well as wine.

The tourist-attractiness of it all probably didn't hurt, but it was a much smaller deal back then what with apartheid and all.
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The name of the country is Myanmar. If you want to be picky, the Union of Myanmar.

The language is Burmese.

I know Bush insists on calling it Burma to score a point off them, but if they call themselves Myanmar, the least we can do is respect that.

Why the President of the USA is trying to scope points off a small Southeast Asian country I will leave as an exercise to the reader.
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I think jenny is on target, something I am sure the experimenters are aware of.

I hope they did some controls (I'm sure they did) - concluding that hirability follows from handshake is just bad science. Correlation does not mean causality. That is one reason you always try to disprove H0 first.
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