Can a Banana Get Rid of CD Scratches?

I've heard of removing minor scratches on CDs using toothpaste, but apparently, banana will work just as well: Hit play or go to Link [metacafe] - via Videoenlaces, thanks Anna Veltfort!

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Scratch repair falls into three categories: fillers, polishers, and sanders. Please see the link below for more information.
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Hey one of my games is scratched and I'm f***king broke does anybody know how to just make my xbox read the disk with crap you already got in your house I aint lookin for no miracle fix but I just want to be able to play it
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ANYTHING that can act abrasively on the surface of the CD will work. The reason is that the data is on the top side of the disc, directly underneath the label. Beneath that, is a lot of plastic, and it is possible to polish that plastic "smooth enough".

Before attempting any physical data recovery, copy whatever you can. There's a chance you'll screw up something else and wind up with errors elsewhere on the disc.

If you have a copy protected game and are attempting to restore the entire disc in one go, well, it sucks to be you and this is why you should write your government and DEMAND that the DMCA - and its European equivalent, be repealed - citizens should have the legal right to a deprotected backup copy of media they have legally purchased.

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