The Suicidal Cows of Switzerland

A recent trend of cows leaping off the high mountain cliffs in the Swiss village of Lauterbrunnen has given rise to speculation. With no natural predators, locals are puzzled as to what could have spooked the cattle into jumping to their doom. Twenty eight cows have died in three days as police continue to investigate.

Are a few wild dogs or other critters spooking the cattle? Or have these cows turned suicidal because of a bad case of the blues?

'We are investigating because cows growing up in the mountains normally can estimate dangers and do not plunge down cliffs.'

According to local reports, there had been violent thunderstorms in the area which may well have spooked the animals.

Cows do occasionally fall to their deaths in these Alpine regions although it is rare for so many to fall in one particular place.

There has been speculation in the past that when this does happen it is because a tightly-grouped number have followed each other as they search for more grass.

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Is this linked to that missing British lad who was just recently found dead mysteriously there? Is there some kind of nutter up in the moutains who has started on Animals before moving on to people. It's a scary thought.
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