Tazer Ball

Leif Kellenberger, Erik Wunsch, and Eric Prumm invented a new sport. It resembles a normal ball game, in which two teams try to run a ball past the opposing team into a goal, but there is on difference: each player is armed with an electric stun gun. The stun guns are used against whoever is carrying the ball. In "Tazer ball," a player can get stunned dozens of times in a game.
The first official Ultimate Tazer Ball tournament was in January and there are currently four official professional UTB teams: the Philadelphia Killawatts, the San Diego Spartans, the Toronto Terror and the Los Angeles Nightlight.

Kellenberger said the teams play at tournaments for prizes, but he and his co-founders are in talks with various networks for a TV deal that could pay the players.

Of course, the sport has its critics. Some people think using stun guns in a game is unsafe. Link

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IF you look at them it displays the major major problem with tasers of that nature.

You can't just brush someone with them and stun them, you have to hold the taser on them.

Fine when you're playing a game, not so fine when 300 ponds of muscle is looking to rip you a new bodily orifice.
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"These give out between 3 to 5 milli-amps," he said. "It feels like a rubber band snap."

Does that sound dangerous to you?
Now, if they were using full powered tasers meant to drop somebody to the ground, THEN we could complain.
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Since these are not full powered tazers this sounds more like Cattle Prod Ball. Seems more like an BDSM thing than a sport.

What would be more interesting would be to add electric shock to existing sports--such as fencing, where the person scored against would get a shock with each successful hit. (This would be through the scoring system, not some sort of tazer charged foils, so off target hits wouldn't count, but simultaneous hits would) Much more interesting that a light going off, and might have to turn the shocks up a bit discourage the kind of reckless bravado and very un-fencing like behavior that is common in international fencing these days.
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