Driver Attempts Hit and Run, Gets Blocked in By Other Drivers

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On Monday, a teen driver rear-ended a bicyclist in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He then attempted to flee. A quick-thinking bus driver immediately stopped his bus across both lanes of the road. Another driver cut off any escape to the rear, boxing in the assailant's car.

As I watched this video, I was particularly impressed by the bus driver's skill. He observed an incident from the rear and promptly, but safely, maneuvered his massive vehicle in a completely effective way.

The two drivers, Richard Gubish, Jr. and Judson Smull, have been given the official thanks of the city for preventing this criminal from escaping justice.

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I'm glad the cyclist seems to be okay, and the asshole driver was caught, but I think it's insane to ride a bike in traffic. I know you're supposed to instead of cycling in the pedestrian lanes, but there's so many more inattentive drivers than this one, and the results are often so much worse. Am I a bad person for riding my bike on the sidewalk when the bike lane goes through traffic?
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@Artor: Yes. Pedestrians have been badly injured and even killed by cyclists riding on sidewalks. In many cities, cycling on the sidewalk is illegal for this reason.
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I'm with you John.

And since I cycle at about 15 MPH, it's high time motorists be limited to that speed, such that I can keep up with traffic. Not by signs and random cop-stops, but with GPS and automatic computerized peed governors. Cars kill more Americans under age 30 than all other causes you know, and speed is always a contributor.

Thanks for solving a big problem with transport bigotry.
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