Cyclone Nargis Wiped Out an Entire Burmese Village

Image: Geoeye/CRISP-Singapore, Caption by Holli Riebeek.

The two images, taken by the Ikonos satellite, showed how a village in Burma (Myanmar) was completely wiped out by the Cyclone Nargis:

This tiny village was located about 27 kilometers (16 miles) south of Yangon, the country’s largest city. In the lower image, taken on May 3, 2002, trees and buildings line a single street, which is surrounded by fields of crops, probably rice. After the disaster, the trees and buildings are completely gone, replaced by messy piles of rubble.

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According to Wikipedia, some Western governments don't recognize the military government... and therefore continue to use "Burma".

And even if you do call it Myanmar... What do you call people from that country? Myanmarese? Myanmarians? Myanmarites?
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The name of the country is Myanmar. If you want to be picky, the Union of Myanmar.

The language is Burmese.

I know Bush insists on calling it Burma to score a point off them, but if they call themselves Myanmar, the least we can do is respect that.

Why the President of the USA is trying to scope points off a small Southeast Asian country I will leave as an exercise to the reader.
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