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That's a tradition I'd like to see go away. It's pretty gross to have to touch a stranger's hand, not knowing where it's been, when it was last sneezed into, or whether the toilet paper tore and the person wasn't so diligent in washing afterward. It's especially unpleasant if the hand feels moist. Some people wait for a cue to see if a handshake is desired, but others just thrust the hand at you. Its real purpose is to demonstrate your willingness to grab someone's moist, germy hand to avoid offending them.
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When I was in school all the desks had a tough Formica surface that could be wiped off easily. Has that changed?

Giving the girl a bottle of cleaning solution and a paper towel and saying "Please wipe off the desk." would have been sufficient. If a more severe punishment is desired she could stay after school and clean all the desks in the class room or write 200 words about why she shouldn't write on the desk.
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Now they should give people a few days to get used to them and then switch to a real rope.

Causing unnecessary braking on a snowy road probably isn't the best idea, though.
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Then an hour later when you have to go to the bathroom at another 7-11 you'll want another one because all that caffeine and sugar will make you crash and want more caffeine and sugar.
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Chriswww, I get really sick of the inevitable "Why are they helping animals when they should be helping humans?" remarks whenever there is a story about people helping animals. It is possible to do both! A companion animal becomes part of the family and people form a bond with it. It's not something disposable. My parents spent thousands on our cat when he had problems and that gave him 15 more years of life, but that doesn't mean that they neglected me when I was hurt.

People who are abusive toward animals also tend to be
abusive toward people, but it can go the other way,
too: People who have compassion for animals can also have compassion for people.

And angie493, the relationship between a person and a companion animal is very much like the relationship between a parent and a child. Would you value your daughter's life over the life of a stranger? You're citing a study where people were asked a simplistic hypothetical question and I'm sure that "both" wasn't
an option. In real life most people would choose both.
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The first thing I thought when I read the article is that she should find a nice gay man to marry, so it was funny to see Profkampf's comment. Poor guy is bitter that he can't marry another man, and yeah, that's unfair, but why does he have to be all catty about it and go attacking her? Her situation has nothing to do with him.
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English orthography is pretty silly. Hindi is so simple and straightforward- one sound per character and one character per sound. English is good for making creative use of a limited and inadequate alphabet for writing words that come from diverse origins, though. It just requires you to know a word before you can read it and be sure of how to pronounce it.
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