"Will Marry For Health Insurance!"

Terri Carlson  is 45 years old, has health problems because of a genetic C4 complement deficiency, and her COBRA health insurance will expire in a year.
It is not easy living with my disease and now that I have the genetic answer for my health issues, every insurance company uses the information to deny me insurance coverage.  You know, I am not happy I was delt [sic] this deck of cards in my life.  However, if I don't fight for myself nobody will.  While the goverment fights over healthcare reform people like me suffer.    I will continue on this crusade for healthcare reform.

And yes, as drastic as it sounds, I will marry for health insurance!!!

Is this a real person's website? A joke? A political ploy? Stay tuned.

Link, via Reddit.

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Terri I wish you all the best, you are fighting to stay alive and well and I hope someone will take you up on your offer.

I have lost my insurance due to my husbands job loss and could not afford cobra, I am very unwell and cannot find another job right now because I am so unwell.

The ironic thing is I am originally from a commonwealth country with free health care, my hubby of almost 30 yrs wants a divorce now.

I would marry a rich man so I could get home and they would be able to live in my beautiful country, one must do what one needs to do to stay alive and survive sometimes.
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simply stated..... if obaba would get off his stupid fat ass and look at whats going on in this country instead of following orders from the communist he is working for he might see how he f#$%%^ed up this country, i wish i could talk to him personally and tell him he is a F#$%#$ing moron.if he really cared at all about stimulating this countries economy he would not have bailed out those companies that failed in the first place. they will simply fail again and where will we be then. he should have gave that money directly to the people, and we would have spent it and directly and instantly stimulated this countries economy.
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i applaud you for this. im not quite in the same boat, but very close. my wife has epileptic seisure with grand maul tendancies. for those who dont know what this means, its like catching a fish and watching it flop on the boat floor. we used to be on acchess which is state health care, but was recently declined to continue as they think i make too much. well i just got layed off, and now have no income, or health insurance. i do not care about myself, i only want for my wife, and our son.
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I can't believe that people think this is a hoax. I'm 42 years old and was mangled by a doctor in a "routine" surgery 7 years ago. (Med. malpractice reform kept me from getting anything from the doctor.) I've been fighting the gov't for 5 years to get access to SSDI only so I can get Medicare. I've been to specialists all over the country who all say that my condition was created by doctor error and is irreversible and disabling. COBRA ran out long ago and my prescriptions alone are over $1500 a month. (thank god for my private disability insurance who decided I was permanently disabled long ago b/c every bit of my health-care is out of pocket). BTW I was finally awarded SSDI benefits this fall but with a arbitrary onset date of this last summer. The wait after acceptance by SSDI for Medicare is 24 months so no end in sight to my mess for another 2 years. In the meantime I get sicker since I can't afford anything but the most basic care. It's not a hoax or a joke for thousands of us.
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