Kid Handcuffed and Perp Walked for Doodling on Desk

Having solved all serious crimes, New York City Department of Education focused its might to quash the scourge of doodling in today's school.

Here's what doodling on a school desk with erasable marker will get you: a perp walk in cuffs!

Alexa Gonzalez was scribbling a few words on her desk Monday while waiting for her Spanish teacher to pass out homework at Junior High School 190 in Forest Hills, she said.

"I love my friends Abby and Faith," the girl wrote, adding the phrases "Lex was here. 2/1/10" and a smiley face.

But instead of simply cleaning off the doodles after class, Alexa landed in some adult-sized trouble for using her lime-green magic marker.

She was led out of school in cuffs and walked to the precinct across the street, where she was detained for several hours, she and her mother said.

Another hardened criminal off the street! Good job, New York. Good job. Link

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I dunno. I teach public school too. The kids "vandalize" there desks all the time. I don't really mind, because it wipes off easily, and half the time they clean it themselves.

Doesn't mean they go around tagging the walls though. In fact, I've never once seen that.

The main problem with our whole schooling philosophy is that it treats children as if they have no intelligence.

The other problem is it's basically conditioning them to go to prison.

I don't exaggerate when I say that the Public Schools are arguably the most evil institution our society has produced.
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It probably wasn't cops who had to interrupt their pursuit of robbers, murderers, and rapists to come and get the little vandal. It was probably just the officers assigned to the school having something to for a change besides standing near the bathrooms trying to deter kids from smoking in there on their lunch breaks and calling the parents of the school skippers.

Vandalism is a real issue. It's not like she was arrested for something that wouldn't be criminal in another non-school setting. She damaged property that wasn't hers. If she did that in a restaurant or a store or library, she'd be in trouble. Why should there be no consequences when it's in a school?

Plus, if the school tolerates vandalism when it's relatively harmless graffiti like this girl's message, it will have opened itself up to having set a precedent of allowing vandalism. So when gangs decide to tag every surface of the school with something much less sweet, the school will not only be defaced, but it could be stuck having to prove that it's not enforcing it's no-graffiti policy in a racist or sexist or otherwise discriminatory manner.

I agree with the school and the cops on this one. Kids need to learn that there are consequences when you do bad things.
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Ok I was a NYC public school product (graduated 05) now I am teaching HS in my old school. A.) this isn't the real Police they're part of the NYPD but don't carry guns or etc. B.) Graffiti is graffiti C.) I can tell you how this exchange when:

Teacher: What do you have in your hand?
Her: Nothing
T: I saw it, give me the marker
H: No
T: I am going to call the Dean
H: PSH! Try me
The teacher calls the dean the dean goes through the same bullshit the teacher just went through so he calls the School Safety Officer (S.S. for short I know, I know) they talk to her eventually she's stupid enough to argue or etc. so they put her in handcuffs.

Then her fat bovine of a mother (I saw her on the TV she is) comes to the school make a stink calls ABC 7 or whatever and those people talk to the mother but not the school officials or arresting officer. Then the nostalgic people talk about how great schools were when they were little and how "we did it back in my day". New York City has 1.1 million students taught in over 1,600 schools... that's the biggest educational system in the USA and this is only one city.
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Excellent! EXCELLENT!

"* Children would learn not to question authority or authority figures, be they governmental or corporate. (The practice of forcing pupils to raise their hand to ask a question – essentially asking permission to ask – was pioneered by Johann Hecker in 1740 in Prussia.)

* Children would learn to accept their lot in life and to limit their aspirations: the needs of the factories for workers and the army for soldiers would be met with compliant recruits.

* Children's primary loyalty and fear would be shifted from their mother and father to the king and the state. This would be ensured by the children learning very early that if they didn't attend school, special truant police would come after them, a force their parents were powerless to stop."
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