Who's The Best Robot/Android Ever?

What better way to start off a geek fight than to ask who is the greatest movie or TV robot/android? Curtis Silver of Geek Dad did just that by comparing Data from Star Trek, to just about every other android.

For example, just to add fuel to the raging Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate:

Data vs. C3PO

C3PO can understand and translate around six million different forms of communication. Mind you, he was designed and built by a young boy. While the Midi-chlorians might have been high in young Skywalker’s bloodstream, they didn’t help him build a droid with much of a backbone. Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far away Dr. Soong was busy creating a sentient android of his own with not only a backbone, but a badass positronic brain. It’s never made clear how many languages Data can speak, but one has to assume the number is just as high as C3PO. Advantage: Data


What do you think? Who's the best robot/android that ever lived (well, in sci-fi anyhow)?

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For me Data is best by a mile. His human appearance made possible Spiner's incredible acting job, which is why he's so much cooler than any other android ever.
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Showing my age here but wondering why Robby of Forbidden Planet hasn't been mentioned.

If nothing else his ability to produce Kentucky Bourbon justifies his existence !
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R. Daneel Olivaw.... from Asimov's Robot and Foundation series, by far.
One of the most breathtaking events in science fiction occurs when you find out that one of the main characters all along was actually a humanoid robot!.. and one that can read minds at that...and has been alive for thousands of years, controlling man's destiny behind the scenes.
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