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I don't see anything wrong with it, really. After all you shouldn't be posting info to complete strangers that your family shouldn't know in the first place :)
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I had a class where we weren't allowed to use a computer to so various projects and it was one of the best experiences ever. It makes you really appreciate a well done job and it sparked my interest on typography :)
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Well all of this is completely biased, simply because every culture has it's own conception of politeness. Some cultures may call "hypocrisy" to what other culture defines as "polite" and so on.

In my own personal experience, the only tourists I've met that has left me with a bad impression were Lebanese (not exactly in the west, then) and that is because the lady I spoke with was particularly moody. But I concur with the survey, the japanese tourists I've met have been wonderful, because they wanted to know more about the regional culture. The swedes I've met have been very nice too.
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I don't know, in my personal experience people will come back to their original countries eventually, with savings and ready for some kick ass retirement years. Maybe this is something cyclic? A generation of immigrants just reached the point when they want to go back, and it was just a coincidence that the US economy isn't doing as good.

@ HW: *Colombia. It's a pet peeve of mine, sorry.
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I know of a place that collects the food in the supermarket's stands that is about to expire and then gives it to charities that give meals to the homeless and the less fortunate. They won't accept meat donations from supermarkets, though. I think it's a nice idea since the food is still in really good conditions (about two weeks short of their expiration date) and otherwise it could have been wasted.

As for personal experience I've never had food poisoning or something like that and I would eat whatever even if it tastes funny, I must have a pretty resistant stomach/immune system.
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I think the problem it's that it doesn't seem like they even checked for proper documentation and just trusted on the persons requesting the license. What if they had stolen someone's identity and then the real person wanted to get married? they probably couldn't because they'd be noted as currently married.

A bit dodgy, really.
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I also worked as a telemarketer for a month or so (my first job at age 17, it was officially a tech support job but you also had to sell them stuff people didn't even need) and I loved putting people on hold for whatever reason and listen to the stuff they do when they don't think they're being heard, I had people singing, people saying I've a sexy voice, people having sex, the works, it was funny. But I used to be reprehended by my supervisor because they have a no-putting-on-hold policy, and once got into trouble when a funny call got monitored, some lonely guy who just called tech support to have someone to talk to.

Also, I would suggest that this prank be enhanced by the use of one of those text-to-voice programs, giving it a Hawkingesque touch. It would have made my day back then.
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Yeah the definition of art has broadened in more recent years and it's all good and dandy unless it hurts or causes distress to unwillingly participants, such as the guy who let a dog die from starvation in an art gallery. Ad it's all good because art is all about communication and if human communication develops along with us as human beings then it's just natural that art does too.

Oh man.
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do this things really work in most teenagers nowadays? I think it'll be more likely to be annoying to people in their late 30's and up since they probably have a better hearing than most 15 year olds nowadays. All this listening of super low quality mp3's in iPods with those earbuds that hurt your ears and stuff it's taking its toll in teenagers.
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this is whoa no words really, there are some really stupid people commenting here.

this is an AD, it's a surprising concept, I know, but and ad doesn't equal a threat. I find your comment rather confrontational specially coming from someone who claims to be "antiwar".

That is exactly the irony of all this crap hah that the tru "owners" of all these land are now dying out.

Wouldn't trade my "beautifull, rich, bountifull and corrupt country full of poor people" country for your "arrogant, cultureless, soon to be in recession, full of bloodthirsty war making people" country. Heh overly stupid generalization vs. another just as stupid generalization, see, works both ways :)
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