How to Torment Telemarketers with One Word

Here's how to torment telemarketers with one word - is it a gem? Yes! (Make sure you wait till the very end ...). Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Grow-a-brain

Almost as good as this classic one, by Tom Mabe, previously on Neatorama: Plight of a Telemarketer

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I am a telemarketer. I call you because it is my job to do so. I have bills to pay like everyone else and I am not the sort of person who wants to live off of the government. When you are rude to me my boss takes it out on me. I am kind, polite and respectful to every client I speak with. Many are elderly who seem to enjoy having a conversation even with a stranger. However my bosses do not like it when I am too chatty with a senior and this really ticks me off. You do not have to curse at me or call me names because I am trying to do an honest days work. I wouldn't take a job if I knew someone, anyone were being scammed. As I said before I have rent and bills to pay and since no one will hire me I have no choice but to work as a telemarketer. If a customer treats me rudely my bosses do not care (yes I know neither do you), and I lose pay that I desperately need.
Would it kill you to answer a few questions or is the real reason that you make my job so difficult is because you are trying to make me fail so I can end up homeless? What goes around comes back around again. Have a blessed Christmas...I won't.
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Telemarketers and collectors are the scum of the earth and they should ALL be treated as such. For those of you who are taking up for them, your just weak-minded. I hate idiot's calling me after I have sat down to dinner and push so hard they won't take no for an answer. My number is even on the NO CALL list and they just don't care. They push and push thinking the more pressure they put on you, the closer you will be to saying yes. These monster are the bane of America next to Republicans and they should be put in there place.
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Many financial advisors and other professionals who are licensed with the government and are qualified to actually provide some sort of benefit to clients often NEED telemarketing as part of their promotions. When starting out in the business they often dial straight out of the phonebook offering their services and trying to book free consultations with people. I don't think its very kind to be messing with someone just because they are trying to make a living - if you aren't interested, hang up. Better yet - if you are having dinner and can't talk on the phone anyways - don't answer!
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I cannot believe all the negative comments to just one video. Doesn't anyone get it?: It is just a joke! Man, I think a lot of people are in need of getting a life.
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