The Worst Tourists of the Western World? Oui, The French!

Move over fat and obnoxious American tourists ... according to a new survey by, the most obnoxious tourists from the Western world are ... the French!

... the study also describes the voyageur français as often unwilling or unable to communicate in foreign languages, and particularly disinclined to spend money when they don't have to — including those non compris tips. Overall, French travelers landed 19th out of 21 nations worldwide, far behind the first-place Japanese, considered the most polite, quiet and tidy. Following the Japanese as most-liked tourists were the Germans, British and Canadians. Americans finished in 11th place alongside the Thais.

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I just came from my first trip to Paris. I studied the French Language years ago, I practiced it before this trip. I was told that if I did speak English they would be rude to me. I was anxious to speak french there..., but after my first moments there, i felt their repugnancy against me. I also speak spanish, but I couldn't dare to bear more rudeness and rejection. I had fancied for the longest time to one day live there, for what France and Art mean to me, but let me tell you something: I would not spend another cent nor a minute of my life visiting France since I realized how rude, nasty, bestial almost ,the french people act towards the tourist in Paris. I own a Beauty Parlor and I am planning to eliminate the word "coiffeur" from some literature and even the name of my corporation. I always tip, everywhere I go. People are generous to me, and so I do when it comes to tips, so I don't think that is the problem. I am appalled, still in shock. Never again!
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@ neuralien

Well, I'm not in the 17th or 18th centuries, am I? History aside, it doesn't help me understand the language past the accent. (It's "farmer French"... LOL. I bet the folks in Quebec would take offense to that!)
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When I went to france, they were terribly rude and nasty to americans. Now, I agree, americans are pretty annoying tourists but I cannot understand why people go to another country and expect to be treated special. If you are a guest in another country, act like one. The native citizens are not there to cater to your every whim and I never expected that. I just think people should be polite to each other. No one has to like anyone but there's really no reason to be nasty either.

Interesting side note, I've noticed that even tourists from different states within the US act differently. Just something to consider.
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As a GI, I used to run into American tourists overseas and they were just painfully annoying to be around. Not because they were Americans, but because they were "the moneyed class" that can afford to travel overseas and expect the planet's people to kiss their asses.
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