The Woman Who Married the Berlin Wall

At the Berlin Biennial this year, a number of artistic endeavours examine various aspects of the city - few as show-stopping as a film about a Swedish woman who married the Berlin Wall:
"Among the broken lumps of masonry and rubbish is a shed in which a film by Lars Laumann tells the story of a Swedish woman who fell in love with the Berlin Wall and now believes they are husband and wife. In the dark, my jaw dropped. The story, I realised, is not a spoof. Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer really is Mrs Berlin Wall, and lives with her now retired husband, in the form of various small barbed-wire-topped models of himself, in a village in northern Sweden. She says the day the wall came down was an absolute disaster, but she loves her wall just the same. As well as her beloved husband and numerous cats, she also keeps various scale-models of guillotines for company. What turns her on is parallel lines, rectangular shapes, forms that divide (such as walls), and others that connect (such as bridges). Don't ask about the guillotines. She says she's an object-sexualist, and believes that objects have souls, feelings, desires and thoughts they share with her telepathically."

For more information see, a set of sites which also includes: The Berlin Wall - The Best and Sexiest Wall ever existed!!! and Love poems for the Berlin Wall.


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i'm curious to know what her religious following is, because some hindu religions value all objects as if they had a soul. it's actually very complicated to live with this belief because your main goal would be not to cause harm to anything with a soul, which includes food and the ground they stand on. but i'm also not ruling out mental illness in this case, because to find a wall sexually attractive and worthy of marrying is a bit odd.
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I've taken a handful of sexuality courses at the doctoral psychology level, and I've learned this sort of fetishism is not that unusual. Well, maybe the inanimate object of her fancy is unusual, but there are lots of people who are into stilettos, whips, ropes, and other common objects.

There are even people who 'get off' on things like mathematics, religion or nature.

Sexuality is so fluid and diverse that it shouldn't be pigeon-holed into one model. Let your freak shine!
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How unusual and beautiful.
She must probably be also turned on by their historical value or their severing qualities: guillotines... Berlin Wall... They all split something in two.
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I'm curious if she interacts normally with other human beings. Is the love for things is in addition to regular human relationships or instead of them? If she sees her family, has friends, etc, but also loves a wall and some guillotines, more power to her. Hey, we've all got quirks.
But I suspect she's got issues with other people. Trust issues and the like. And I could see that her love for something that is a barrier, a divider, might be a bit symbolic of boundary issues. I'd be willing to bet she was abused. But, like Freud said, "Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.". Might benefit from therapy,though.

Also, I wonder if it's just some objects that are ultra significant, but all objects are significant, or just that handful of objects that matters. Is it just the wall and the guillotines that she's in telepathic communication with, or is it everything? In a way, that would be sort of zen and a little bit cool, a union with all the matter in the universe type thing, but would seriously make life difficult for her.
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