U.S. Economy Sucks, So Illegal Immigrants Are Goin' Home!

Here's an unexpected side effect of the economic downturn in the U.S.: more and more illegal immigrants are going back to Mexico!

According to informal surveys by the Mexican consulate in Dallas, most of those wanting to return to Mexico cite the sudden scarcity of jobs, fear of deportation and uncertainty about obtaining legal resident status any time soon.

In the last few years, and particularly the last few months, Mr. Sánchez struggled to find work. His earnings dwindled as his children grew up and their needs multiplied.

"People like me, if you don't work one day, you worry about how to feed your family the next day," he said. "We as immigrant workers never have stability, even if the economy is doing well. Imagine how things are now."

Also, he said, there is growing anti-immigrant sentiment that he would rather not experience anymore.

"Those of us who live here live depressed all the time, in hiding," he said. "They don't like us here, and those who love us and whom we love are far away. I prefer to go back, even if it means living in poorer conditions."

Octavia Rivera López of the Dallas Morning News reports: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/070508dnmetimmigrants.24395628.html

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I'm sure that a lot you somehow come from an illegal or legal immigrant relative. whether it was 10 yrs or 100 yrs ago. Its funny how everyone criticizes people who are here to work when your ancestors came to the USA with the same intentions. Before you criticized others, please look at your self and your life and ask your self why you are in that situation. Dont blame it on people who all their doing is going back to their country. I'm pretty sure thats hurting you someway or another. Instead of hating on other humans, see if your doing everything to help economy bounce back to what it was.
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If they have been here for sometime..some have invested in in real estate, they can buy a home or homes like in in Calif, New Mexico, or Texas then then rent out to as many of their own people they can..we make it too easy for immigrants to buy american property or things..like cars..
If they do buy a new car, they have it stolen back to
Mexico and recover thier lost through their insurance company..here in America.
as an american,try buying property in Mexico or any other country...you'll pay high taxes and you really don't own it..
also they use free public assistance many americans aren't aware that are available to them...true they come to work and better there lifestyle,,but it's not here,,they don't like american culture or the people..(the gringos,pocho's,mallate's etc)..
they do serve a purpose in the USA, but I think their purpose is over..Mexico and South America etc are going to have to find work for these people..they do have families and have to survive just like all of us..
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I think they should all go back. They drive around with no licenses, illegally register cars and work under the table taking advantage of our welfare system. If a legal person goes to the hospital with no insurance he is treated like dirt but the illegal person gets a free medical card and is treated first. The police where I live don't even bother to pull them over for traffic violations because they say it costs too much to deport them for crimes. They just get a slap on the wrist and go on thier way. Most are inconsiderate of the legal people and live with 10 people to a 1 bedroom apartment and on payday they line up and wire most of their money back to their country which they return to when landscaping season is over, live like kings and come back here for the next season. Once they leave good ridence.
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OK, All of you Greenies, Meanies and Weenies just STFU for a bit and read. First, I am a husband of a "Legal Immigrant" which makes me the father of of a bi-ratial son. I am also descended on my Father's side from the original founder of this country, Henry Hudson. Who, on his trek seeking a shortcut to the Dutch West Indies happened to get shipwrecked in the Hudson River, you know, that river that runs from Lake Ontario(Canada) to the New York Harbor? 60 years before Pilgrims, by the way. On my Mother's side I am one generation away from being full blooded Norwegian. My Grandmother immigrated from Norway in 1907. So I am the epitome of both sides of this emotional war of what is right based upon what the United States of America really stand for. I am half immigrant, and I am half native American. I am 1/8th Sioux as my Grandfather, My Mother's Father was 1/2 Sioux, and, My Father's Grandmother was 100% Seneca Indian of the Iroquois Nation. This actually makes me 3/8ths Native American. As for this economy, I am also 50 and worked gas stations during the 70's gas crunch during my high school years. I survived the Jimmy Carter years (yes, I vboted for him since he was also supposed to decriminalize 420).
OK, my history and background (albeit mildly synposized) withstands the rhetoric of the many, please understand that I am very glad the illegals here in the US are returning to their origins. I for one would love to see them become legal taxpaying citizens, but since only 1 in 6 is the bread winner, I won't cry when they leave. I will cherish when they do not cause hospital costs to rise as they do not pay for their healthcare. I will jump for joy when anchor babies become a thing of the past. I do not expect gas prices to diminish much if at all, I don't think salaries will rise at a rate equal to inflation, and my (currently locked Jumbo Mortgage) becomes an albatross around my neck (I have already lost over $100K in home value here in California)
Vaya con dios mijo, Please remember to shut off the CFL on the way out of the barn!
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wow first i heard the drug dealers where sending their stuff to other places becouse of the falling dallar now this!

man this country is so fu**

Polx is right
all of you are blaiming the victim and the ones who think that they have it made cuz their white or have a high income(stockholm syndrome) are going to get a big suprise when they get halled of to consentration camps(o that could never happen-Umm yeah it has ww2 anyone)

I could go on but why bother...........sigh
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