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As the person who makes signs for a retail store, I find this quite funny. I'm sure that at least a few non-life-hating costco employees may have also gotten a chuckle, or at least a smirk from this. :)
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None of these is as bad as the jazz they have playing at my work, we used to have half-decent soft rock/pop, but then our assistant manager read that easy listening jazz makes people buy more... and the nightmare began.
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Seriously though, I hope they use the "cure" sparingly, and not for the many more who are self-sufficient and sometimes reap just as many benefits as drawbacks to their condition.

Not every autistic appears non-verbal and non-responsive. There's plenty of grown adults who just appear like nutty professors, or quirky and eccentric nerds.
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Wow, well obviously their message had no validity, but it really annoys me how the hate these guys spread reflects back on the good that more sane and sensible Christians have done.
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Alex: "I've always thought that high school should start at 11 and end at 7pm. That would've made me so much happier!"

I was lucky enough to have 12 to 6 classes last semester, college can be great that way. High school would have definitely been much more productive for me with those sorts of hours.
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Borderline personality disorder? I thought that having an incontrollable urge to eat inedible objects was termed Pica.

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Well, I just watched threads, kind of made me feel null as opposed to bitter and depressed. Maybe that's because I'm glad that's not happening right now and I'm not in that story though.
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Honestly, if I saw it on the street, I'd have thought that it was just a cute name for a hot dog stand with a cute slogan. I wouldn't have even considered that the employee must be a felon, or that would be the idea of the hot dog stand.
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