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I agree with many of the commenters here, I attended one year of University and felt used. My year included:
-the runaround in phone & person for any question
-a huge price tag
-a curriculum largely based upon large amounts of make-work work and not learning (I was recommended by an administrative counselor to skip lectures and readings to make time to write assignments)
-competitive, stressful environment with no one having the time or inclination to help anyone else
-very little content of real-world use provided

I will say that going helped to decide where I did want to go in my career path, to applied graphic design college! I'm working towards an advanced diploma, learning useful skills every day in every class, and afterwards I can enter the same graduate programs as university students. Hooray for applied college!
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I agree with xTivo,
the upcoming queue should be it's own section of the site, not something which adds content by itself to the front page. I'm thinking a "Top # of the day/week/etc" side bar where the top voted things in the queue are shown in small format, list-like with tiny icons of included pictures. It could just be an extension/transformation of the already existing "write your own neatorama post" sidebar.
Having it as a voted sidebar would still give people the exposure and immediate gratification they desire, and add the whole web 2.0 vibe, but still leave the essence of neatorama's front page intact.
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Being an Arts & Design student, I can understand that art is about experimentation and new conceptual ideas. I do not, however, think that a new multi-colour stalactite roof is appropriate decoration for a UN Human Rights Hall, nor should anyone ever have to pay $23 million for roof decoration, especially considering the current world economic situation.
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I agree with Non, I think how most people would react depends entirely on the personality and manner of the person offering to pray. I'm a committed Christian and I would find no offense in an offer of prayer made in genuine care and concern from a person of any religion; Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim...
I whole heartedly believe that individuals should not force their beliefs on anyone, but that in friendship and care personal beliefs may be shared, whereupon each individuals my take what they have heard and decide for themselves what they think of it.
As I think that this nurse has made her offer in that spirit, I see no problem with her actions.
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I think it would probably take a lot less space than a regular umbrella as it doesn't have to pack a bunch of fabric, just the collapsible pole. cool idea :)
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My package came in the regular mail, I love my mental floss magazine and the little book. Never seen them here in Canada. If they sold them here I might get a subscription, it's full of interesting stuff. :D
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I can't wait to find out what I got, dangit, now that I now it's been sent I'll think about nothing else at work till I see if it's arrived or not everyday O_O
*crosses fingers*
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Finished it %100 in about 10 minutes.
I overlaid the red dot in ps so you could see where the gray dots were in relation to the red dot (something I think was lacking in the previous %100 picture).

*Hint: the white edge of the gray dots counts as cover and is needed for a %100 total.

My Strategy:
1.)place the dot at the top in the middle so that as much of the width of the circle covers the edge
2 & 3.) place these two on either side of the first dot, overlapping them slightly, trying to cover more dot edge length but still try to cover enough of the middle that it would work.
4.) I tried to cover the middle and one side leaving just enough room for the last dot
5.) Covered the last length of edge and remaining middle.
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