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"if you suspect you have been bit by ANYTHING you should see a doctor, preferably in less than a day"

I disagree, it is advice like this that creates hypochondriacs. I suggest to take every injury with a grain of salt using best judgment. While of course some injuries will quite obviously require medical attention, the majority of bites and injuries do not amount to anything serious and can be cared for at home with antiseptic and bandages.
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I first saw this cut up in a frozen vegetable mix where I mistook it for very strange mold. Luckily I have since learned better because it's quite yummy :)
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I think there must be different kinds of purple potatoes as well. I just had my first purple skinned sweet potatoes. They looked like normally coloured potatoes on the inside, tasted like creamy yams, and had a thick purple skin. Really Yummy.
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Camping one summer a few hours north of Toronto I found that my tent became a gathering place for the little buggers. My tent walls are mesh with a windbreaking/waterproof layer above and they would come together en mass just on the outside of the mesh where they (luckily) couldn't get me but I could see them bouncing non-stop at all hours. One night I counted 60 or more just before bed. Alone they don't bother me, but yeah in huge masses like this one in the picture it would freak me out.
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Oh, this stuff is awesome. I used to be a candy fanatic as a child, you could buy it in bulk at our local Bulk Barn (which is like a spice, flour, candy, chocolate in bins store where you scoop out how much you want). I used to chew off the little nubs first. Yummy stuff.
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Although I think there is a high number of wrongly diagnosed ADHD children, I do also believe that it is a real and sometimes severe problem for many people. If anything, people should determine what exactly the symptoms are and create a foolproof way to diagnose it and make doctors use it. Using non-medicinal treatments may also be preferable in many cases like mine was.
When I was around 10 I was diagnosed with mild ADD but in my favour I had gone to a specialist instead of my GP. Instead of drugs, they put me on a weekly program at their practice that focused on concentration skills in a children-friendly environment, and within a year my grades had gone up and my symptoms had all but disappeared; even my teachers had begun commenting about the turnaround and they hadn't even known about the problem. It's been 9 years since and for the most part I've been exceptionally good. I still occassionally have lapses of daydreaming distraction but nothing compared to what it was.
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Well, though I tend to ponder the same sort of things as Kristian, I'm just glad that they separated Catholicism, Protestantism and included Agnosticism. I'm always aghast at how many textbooks group Christianity and other religions into almost meaningless lump sums.
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