The Greatest & The Worst Super Bowl Ads Ever.

Tomorrow, most of America will stop and watch the biggest football game of the year: Super Bowl XLI [official site | wiki] in Miami, Florida.

Here's a couple neat links about the Super Bowl from MSNBC:

Super Bull! The real truths behind Super Bowl legends and myths. For example:

Myth No. 7: Buckle up on Super Sunday
The auto repair industry loves the Super Bowl because Americans are more likely to crash their cars after the game’s final gun.

Fact or fiction: Four years ago, researchers at the University of Toronto examined this bloody piece of Super Bowl lore. They determined that automobile accidents indeed climb more than 40 percent in the hours after the Super Bowl — with the biggest increase coming in cities and towns closest to the home of the losing team.

The study pointed to alcohol consumption, fatigue and inattention as the primary causes. Researchers compared Super Bowl Sunday with adjacent Sundays when weather was the same and found a 41 percent jump in fatal accidents in the four hours or more after the game along with a 48 percent rise in non-fatal accidents.

The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time: At $2.5 million for a 30-second ad, those Super Bowl commercials better be good! The article explains why these ads worked.

Here are the top 3:

3. E*Trade "Monkey" (2000): Link [YouTube]

2. Coke "Mean Joe Greene" (1979): Link [YouTube]

1. Apple "1984" (1984): Link [YouTube]

Even the high cost of Super Bowl ads doesn't guarantee that companies won't find a way to make bad commercials. The 10 Worst Super Bowl Ads of All Time explains.

Oh heck, here are three for you to watch:

Budweiser "Farting Horse" (2004): Link [YouTube]

Holiday Inn "Sex Change Ad" (1997): Link [YouTube]

Apple "Office Lemmings" (1985): Link [YouTube]

Bonus: Even some the 2007 Super Bowl ads can't hide from YouTube. Here's one by Kevin Federline (you know, Brittney Spear's ex-husband):

Kevin Federline's Nationwide "LIfe Comes At You Fast" (2007): Link [YouTube]

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WT*!?!?! Me thinks the list has been reversed. The K-fed commercial had me full frontal, open-mouthed laughing my arse off! Indeed a classic in the making.
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In the spirit of the Super Bowl, I have a list of the best Sports Commercials ever, two of which originated as Super Bowl commercials (MJ v. Bird play horse for Big Mac & who can forget Terry Tate). Check it out at...
And for what it's worth...we picked Da Bears to win in a close one, so the Colts will most likely win in a blowout.

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