Eco Brolly

Ah, art. Behold the Eco Brolly by Shiu Yuk Yuen. It's an "environmentally friendly" umbrella that turns whatever happens to be convenient at the time of rain (like a newspaper or plastic bag) into an umbrella:

it can re-use whatever the consumer thinks of reusing. It is a supporting devise when it rains, all the user has to do is unscrew the top lid, poke the lid onto the middle of a reuseable object, quick screw to secure it & open it out like an umbrella!

This is for short distances, but it can last longer, by clipping the clips at each end of the umbrella onto the newspaper to stabalise it. It is pocket size, lightweight aluminium, suitable for Britan, where its hard to predict the weather, espeically for Central Londoners, where free newspaper is avaliable.

This, of course, begs, the question: if you want to carry something, why not carry a regular umbrella in the first place?

Link - via OhGizmo!

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i love the idea, but it's not so eco when you're taking a newspaper out of the dispenser, not reading it, soaking it through, and throwing it away.
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Well, if you had spent more time thinking about the answers to this question (how much did you spend? none?) there are obvious advantages, e.g. portability (it's very small, smaller than any umbrella I've ever seen, when stowed), has eco cred whether deserved or not (I say it is, but I won't argue that, because is largely irrelevant, because if nothing else it is inspiring to see creative recycling, and recycling should invade everything about our way of life... it has too if we are to supply 6.5 billion hairless apes with needed goods), and finally, as the above post pointed out (I didn't even think of that one right off, but it is a major point; kudos) you can discard the dripping part of the umbrella before going inside.
These seem obvious to me after mere seconds of reflection. Not so much to you? ;)
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