The 15 Most Disturbing Movies Ever Made

I'm sure everyone has watched a movie at some point that made them pretty uncomfortable, but there seems to be a full blown niche of disturbing movies out there, as shown by this list by Movie Crunch blog.

Not all are hack and slash gore fests, take Threads (1984), for instance:

Threads actually wasn’t a feature film. It was a BBC mini-series that aired in 1984 that detailed in excruciating detail the after effects of a nuclear war between the United States and Russia that escalated to include the UK. The movie follows two families as they all basically die for various reasons (medical, economic, etc.) in the months and years following the attack, culminating in the devastating conclusion that showed a UK with a completely broken civilization where kids can’t even read just thirteen years after the bombs dropped.

Re-reading the above paragraph I realize my words really aren’t doing justice to how incredibly bleak Threads is, you really need to watch the movie to get the full effect. Luckily, (or not depending on how you want to look at it) the full film is on Google Video.

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'Threads' was pretty horrific. Another war movie, in this vein was 'Saving Private Ryan'--the war scenes (either nukes, or machine guns) are nauseating to watch, the cinematography adds to the horror and the human tragedy is brutal. Neither uses much in the way of score, either. Another one to check out is 'Idi i smotri' ('Come and See').

'The Cement Garden' would definitely be on the list. This movie is 'ick', on so many levels. Remember, this stars Charlotte Gainsbourg--the daughter of the goy who sang 'Lemon Incest'...
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i am a horror movie fan i hav never wach one dat has scared me... bt i know som movies dat wil mak u lose sleep rose red,halloween resrtion,They,darkness falls,red dragon.....n if u want a just bloody movie i recamend scream or house of wax da new one nt da old one or silver bullet it waz a lil gross.
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based on recent films, i would have to say the most disturbing movie i've seen was "the boy in the striped pajama's." what a horrifying movie.
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