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British service is far inferior to French service.
In Britain the people have less care, and more attitude than in France.

The French are more misunderstood probably more due to the fact that they get idiots like felixthecat talking at them in a foreign language without even attempting to speak their native language to get things done.
Frankly I would be irritated too if i had to deal with foreign speaking tourists and americans all the time!
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with $6M I doubt they will get far. To put it in perspective, there has been $600M in USA from Exonn-Mobil to in house and JC Venter industries research towards engineering algae for biofuels.

This is just silly lip service.
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actually this is rubbish.
Prions can not exist without genes.
To say a prion does not have DNA or genes is exactly the same as saying a brick does not have a house. It makes no sense.
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I believe the plague which swept Athens during the Peloponnesian war as described by Thucydides was actually the Bubonic plague according to some modern sources which I do not have at hand.
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so is there a website?
It would be cool to see, but despite claims from the only report in english about it from one CNN report, I cant seem to find any actual web site...? anyone?
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Its more of a shout out to Tia Carerras wooden acting in "Relic Hunter". The difference is Tia Carrera has failed actress kitsch pull, and this doesnt. Award winning? No.
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I believe the traffic cones arent a permanent fixture.
Interestingly in a design flaw, the staircase was supposed to represent the DNA helix, but is actually spiralling in the opposite direction to DNA.
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