Chinese Woman Put Her Life Online

Beijing resident Chen Xiao was tired of making plans for her life and having them ruined by natural, economic and personal disasters.  So she decided to hand over her personal decision-making to China's hundreds of millions of Internet users. 

"I figured if other people came up with things for me to do, I might stumble upon something new and better."

Web users, known in China as netizens, have been finding plenty of things for Chen to do, from delivering pet food,  to caring for stray cats,  to taking a hot lunch to a homeless man,  to attending the birth of a child.  And she's been able to make money at it, charging about $3 an hour. 

Chen won't do anything illegal, immoral or violent, although she's been asked.  

"When people stop needing me, I'll go back to my original life. But I don't know when that will come."

-- Chen Xiao


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Marilyn Terrell.

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so is there a website?
It would be cool to see, but despite claims from the only report in english about it from one CNN report, I cant seem to find any actual web site...? anyone?
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You are exactly right Gadget. "Beautiful" people have capitalized on their looks to get fame and attention on sites like Youtube and the like. It's the new promotional tool I suppose, in some ways an ego boost.

But heck if I looked like a model I wouldn't be doing endless tasks for three dollars an hour (though of course it's relative, three dollars an hour might be a lot of money in some places). I'd go for the big time baby! I'd promote myself to be a male model and go for the big bucks!
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