Award Winning Short Film "Shadows"

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Check out this award winning short film (it's only 3 minutes long). It's a nice shoutout to the gothic horror films of the 20s and 30s. Simple but effective.

Plot Synopsis:

A leasing agent prepares an apartment with a mysterious past for an
afternoon viewing. While awaiting the arrival of the prospective client
the leasing agent learns that she's not alone in the apartment.

- via fightingowlfilms

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Gukbe2000.

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re: rockymilo

neatorama isn't about us learning to make film or even thinking that we're capable of doing it, but it is about high quality cool stuff from the internets - which this film clearly is not. And if people get on here and share their opinions, it's not your position to call us names.
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Oh, and I don't buy for a second that this got lots of "neat" votes from the normal Neatorama community. This was obviously posted as a result of vote-spamming from strangers, so get off your high horse.

If this is the quality of material we can expect from the Upcoming Queue, then Neatorama is doing its fans no favors by implementing it for the front page, and UQ should probably be kept in its own separate section.
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Rocky, a film should stand on its own without requiring the audience to know the production backstory. If that was so important to ward off criticism of a very reasonable kind by the posters here who naturally assumed that "award-winning" meant film festivals, then the poster should have explained the situation in the Neatorama entry.

Even so, I don't understand what warranted a mediocre student film being posted on Neatorama at all, regardless of the circumstances surrounding its making.
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