Every Country is #1 at Something

Every country is #1 at something. For Finland, it's the number of female doctors; for Gabon, it's manganese reserves; for Canada, it's fruit juice drinkers. Graphic designer David McCandless has a demographic to warm (or disturb) the patriotic heart of every nationality.

Link via Fast Company

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"OBVIOUSLY, the USA was labelled as home to the most serial killers.... Please. What it IS home to is the most serial killers who are caught by the police, thank you very much and thank goodness! There are murders and disappearances in many countries but, here, we try to explain them and make a point of trying to stop them.

I thought giving the world a half-black president meant that we were going to be loved and respected by all now...? I guess the word didn't get to the guy making the graphic, huh."


BWAHAHA! You're funny :) Yes the rest of the world has never heard of a non-white leader before! thanks!!
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What a lousy design of the map.

Obivously causing people to read it wrong.

Big fail as the map design isnt consistant and have the names of the countries in different places.
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"Every Country is #1 at Something"

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