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A vote for McCain is a vote for the privileged status quo.. and the status quo isn't working for more and more people. Those whose lives are comfortable don't want to change and are afraid of change. Conservatives are very reactionary when anybody suggests a change which could upset their status. I have seen the mean spirited and nasty responses in many areas and it is far worse than the liberals. They are not interested in the common good as much as their self absorbed bourgeois lives.
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she might have had a problem with sexual desire, who knows?
there is a disorder called 'hypoactive sexual desire disorder', but it has to cause distress for the person in order for it to be a treatable disorder... and it sounds like she never found it distressing?
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Sure it's depersonalizing and dehumanizing Mr Obama...but what i am worried about is that I don't think he would single out just Mr. Obama, it would be anybody that is not just exactly like him. I know a lot of old straight white men that are angry, mean-spirited and talk the same way, as it is part of what I do for a living. :)
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The vigilante punishment far exceeds the crime perpetrated by the boys. Any other attitude is so absurd as to not be given a moments serious consideration by an advanced civilization.
Socialization and cognitive development is not considered complete yet, and proper rehab and discipline are needed, instead of being put to death.
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George Carlin often said he was waiting for an asteroid to hit to take out these thieves. Too bad he didn't live long enough to see that you don't need an asteroid... give a rope big enough and they hang themselves. So just as something different for a while, lets not bail them out... have a crash and reset this unfair game they have been playing for a while. I think a good crisis has been needed for some time.
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Hoover, I agree. While I don't agree with violence in solving problems, the guy was an ass to say 'get a job'. Maybe jerks like him won't go shooting their mouth off so flippantly, especially since he did not know the situation of why this person was reduced to begging. At the very least it is uncharitable. But he did not deserve to be shot either.
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Any group- religion is only one example- that requires that people accept dogma on the authority of others as the main criteria in order to be part of that group, is bound to infested with narrow minded people, by definition. 'Thinking for yourself' would be dangerous to those in control of the 'correct way to think'. Its sort of the epitome of animal training and indoctrination.
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This happened in the land of E. Pluribus Unum?... the land of the free and the home of the brave?

And 'Homeland Security.' That always sounds like something we might have heard out of Germany, circa 1940. It makes America sound so fascist... and this police/security guard behavior is not helpful to counter that impression.

It appears she was just being harassed.

'You've heard it said its not over until the fat lady sings. Well, that not true. It's not over until the older straight white guy says its over. It's time we stopped listening to them." Margaret Cho
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Any fool can make a law, but there will be problems in enforcing it fairly across the board ... state employment is a hierarchic bureaucracy with favoritism, corruption, and looking the other way if you have crony connections (or are at the top) rampant in these types of organizations.
Will it also apply to those who make the rules? There will be lots of loopholes and exceptions, you wait and see!
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'Honesty' exposes a nightmare world where people are selfish, completely self-absorbed, and only 'act' like they care about anything except themselves... like we are really just children or adolescents in adult bodies. All ego without the super-ego to moderate it. It would be the end of civilization as we know it... a complete break down of social skills and our social obligations to each other. The end result of decades of Republicanism. ;)
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If you are going to pray, pray for the wisdom to select better leaders...leaders who will think long -term in solving energy problems, and who are not 'in bed' with big oil or those who manufacture Hummers and other fuel guzzlers. Ask these people what they are really doing to personally help solve the problem (instead of praying, that is) ...like how did they vote in the last election? Did they help put into office these Texan GOP Bush/Cheney 'oil buddy' types?
Essentially, people can't connect the dots. Locals don't seem to be able to make any changes in how they live.. they want their big SUV/trucks, boats, airplanes, RV's the size of houses, and other bourgeois/ baby- boomer 'toys'. They want to continue to live way out in the sticks or suburbs (often due to decades of 'white flight'), but never realized that would mean having to commute everywhere, at some expense! Those in the suburbs of fiscally ultra-conservative cities have often voted down the new local taxes for public transportation(subways or light rail that would have would eased this somewhat) in lieu of support for building huge sports stadiums, etc. So, they are basically clueless and short sighted about establishing real priorities for the common good.
I wonder if we get what we deserve, but that sentiment is not popular in America. We have always been a people who want our cake, and want to eat it too.
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Money, like every else can be corrupted, when people see money itself as the end, instead of the means to an end. That is why it can not produce happiness, but it can serve the means of attaining happiness, if used wisely. So, I see it as a tool. Sadly, people are misled and confuse the issues, trying to force it to do things it was never intended to do.
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It's about what people value. People forget about what the goals/values of bourgeois vs proletarian cultures historically have been. Bourgeois values have an emphasis on advanced education in a field that is important to succeeding in middle-class occupations. They value respectability and what others think about their attainment of social status, and thus have high levels of 'status anxiety'. Latino cultures are historically more proletarian (lower working class) than bourgeois... thus the emphasis between these groups are very different. Bohemian subcultures are different yet again, and their values are quite separate from these, but that is another topic.
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It's fun to satirize the cliches and platitudes of American political campaigns... there is always so much opportunity for hypocrisy when people talk about 'moral values.' Until people realize (NEVER?) that everyone has a 'dark side' to their psyche and people are not either all black or white, but have a lot of grey, there is always going to be fodder for this type of irony. The puritan cultural background of America means that we're going to have a lot of material for comedians/critics to point out our shortcomings for a very long time :)

Clarence Day pointed out a long time ago that since we are essentially simians, all of us have a raunchy, nasty, and improper aspect, and therefore being too 'goody- two shoes' always smacks of dishonesty or hypocrisy, and we feel it instinctively when others insist on too much propriety and consistency. Being too proper, too moral, too upright, and too consistent is not a human trait.
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