Britain's Oldest Virgin is 105 Years Old: Sex is a "Hassle"

Clara Meadmore said that sex seemed a "hassle" and she's glad that she has done without it for all of her 105 years!

Over the years many a centenarian has delivered their secret for a long life.

Not smoking, daily exercise, moderate drinking, being married (and sometimes not being married) have all had their champions.

But, at the ripe old age of 105, Clara Meadmore could trump the lot: a life of celibacy.

Miss Meadmore says she has always been too busy for relationships and thought of physical intimacy as a 'hassle'.


Photo: Geoff Hichens/APEX

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I guess the man of her dreams never came. And she is the kind of a girl who wouldn't settle with just any man to have somebody. It helped that she knows how to busy herself with other more things.
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Moreover I don't believe the oldest person a live or who ever lived was a women, women are known for lying about sex. In fact I know a bulldyke who said she will never suck dick then turned around and sucked mine and we fucked. I believe a man is the oldest virgin because guys get rejected all the time for sex eventually they feel insecure and get discouraged.
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People lie all the time, I don't believe her, she a nun right?,so she believes in God,right, if I was this women I would be piss if she really is/was a virgin. In the Bible it's said her impregnated Mary because she was pour right, never had sex yet this broad is over a 100 old and God still refuse to fuck her,
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