A Free Thinker is Satan's Slave

LiveJournal user scarlett_1975 snapped this photo a few days ago: Link - via Accordion Guy.

Now, can someone explain to me what Pastor Ricky Shedd is talkin' about?

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Well then.

Looks like Hell for many of the regulars then. I’m done in for certain and its curtains for the Mikes. mespo was pulled off stage by a shepherd’s hook. Elaine is tormenting the staff with puns. Slarti and Alhazen are having a cage match with Bob and Kant. The winner gets their pictures taken with Newton, Einstein and Bohr. Byron is busily trying to convince a waiter that unregulated markets don’t lead to abuses. Jesus, the free thinking Pharisee rabbi, is steadily slapping him in the back of the head, saying with each smack “money changers”.

The scenery is beautiful. Wish you were here.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, will have our own section of tables at the Devil’s Debauchery Diner-Dancehall & Debate Club. It’ll be an easy party to spot, but remember! The first rule of debate club is you don’t talk about debate club. There will be an open bar but the kitchen is closed. It is Hell after all and not so nice. It’s hot, but it’s a dry heat

We’ll leave a burning witch on for you.

It’s a long dark road out of the 14th Century.
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@ aaronleev, But you are a living proof to the fact that most Americans, if not all, are dumbest. No doubt about that.
"Hey Richard im not here to judge you its not my place but i consider myself a free thinker as well. and Satan didnt just question God...."

How dumb can a person get? everything you have written contradicts, including the claims. "Satan tried to kill god"....:)... where do you get these ideas from? I bet some lame TV stuff, eh! You are a class clown man! And with a great potential to make others laugh!! You should try joining or perhaps starting your own circus. Be sure to buy some clown gear, you will need them (In case you don't get what I said)..And by the way, I am not the same "bill" you have addressed. Not the American Bill at least... :)... who cares... Aaron the Levite doesn't
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Americans dummiest people on earth.- bill
Hey bill this is one person in America not all of us believe this. People like you are the dumbest on earth. regardless of your country you live in.
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Hey Richard im not here to judge you its not my place but i consider myself a free thinker as well. and Satan didnt just question God he tried to destroy God and thats why he was banished from Haven and sent to Hell. God gave us and the angels a free mind to think of whatever we wanted too, but when someone like Satan does something so selfish as to turn on the one that gave him the ability to walk ,see ,hear and ultimately the ability to think for himself no wonder he was sent to hell. Everyday life example of what Satan did to God: Your Father (God) tells you(satan) to pick up your room, you question why you have to do it and then you try to kill your father(God) and you(satan) fail to kill your father and then you go to jail (Hell). Make sense? Would you kill your father?
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