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I think Boba Fett would drive a grey Enzo with a black stripe down the hood. But that's me.

Hmmm...what would Chewie drive? Or Han Solo? I would say Greedo, but I know he'd be chillin in a Zonda.
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Beagles are awesome, and totally manly.

Was it me, or did it seem like the top 5 or so were just the "macho dogs" they were denouncing in the intro? When I think macho, german shepherd and rottweiler come to mind...
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I wonder if they only learned the moves for the fencing scene, or if they could actually fence.

Possibly you could do the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or, like someone above said, Ghostbusters(!).
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I don't see why Obama is on the list, among that company he is totally out of place. Being a president is always worthy of a certain amount of respect, but his story pales in comparison to the likes of Sam Walton or Frederick Douglass. It comes off looking like they just put him in there out of Obama lust or because they didn't want to look bad.

The first thing I noticed was the obvious absence of George Washington. He came from average means to start an extremely successful career in surveying, eventually making heaps of money. He served in the British army, was distinguished in battle, and retired to a life of farming and distilling until a certain Revolution, which he was most responsible for winning. Oh, and he was the first (and some argue best) president of the United States.

Second, where is Bill Gates? He was a college dropout, for Pete's sake, and he went on to become the richest man on Earth. He doesn't quite fit the tone of the list, since his parents made good money and he lived comfortably during his youth, but cmon, making 50 billion dollars through his own hard work counts for that.
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A relative needs to get the parents declared mentally handicapped, take the children, and give them decent names.

What I like best is that they'll want their children to be proud of their names someday, and that will just lead to more trouble. For instance, they'll never be able to travel to Europe, unless they enjoy getting hanged from the nearest lightpole.
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Weird, when I first tried to comment the other day the comments were down.

Anywho, I vote for millstone as well. They would use this in conjunction with another stone, possibly with grooves in it, and the hole is for a stick to use as a receptacle for whatever weights were needed.

Still doesn't explain all the decorating, but whatever.
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100% of North Carolina searches for barbecue compared to 76% of Texas.

This confirms what I have always suspected, North Carolina is more barbecue crazy than Texas. And ours is better anyway.
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They found it near a carving that said "I'm just holding it for a friend".

I'm expecting the story some time in the future:
"2,700 Year Old Pot Sold At Auction, Becomes Most Expensive Dime Bag Ever".
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That was so amazing. I loved the activation at the end, the lights and such. Amazing stuff.

Only one problem: His path was totally off. He missed out on at least 5k because of that, and some extra for missing the squeezes.
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