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I hate South of the Border. The signs start far in advance of the actual place, so having to look at them for an hour makes travelling on a pretty boring stretch of road even worse.
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I'm not trying to start anything, but I just thought since you're the only person who regularly posts political things on the blog, you may want to abstain from taking sides, as far as article selection goes.
Just a suggestion.

Anywho, I did find this one interesting. I'm fascinated by the tiny islands in the Bering Strait, and I've read about Little Diomede and it's bigger cousin. I wonder what it must have been like there in the middle of the Cold War, knowing that if anything happened the enemy would be right beside them.
Strange place.
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I don't see why it isn't "neat". It may not be happy, wacky stuff, but not everything that is fascinating is cheerful. Sometimes, fascinating things are terrible, horrible examples of human behavior. Sometimes, that is the reason they are so interesting.

Besides, it isn't like Alex posted a picture of the gunshot wounds or something.

I'm with Ted, if they want to die, why don't they just do it. Why murder innocent people, just for attention, then do it. Cowards.
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I need to find that old SNL skit with Peter Sarrrrrrrrrrsgarrrrrrrrrrd. It was stupid, but it fits today so well.


(Techincally, it's no lnger TLaP Day, but I celebrate all 24 hours, and I wake up real late.)
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My bad, was talking at the same time as writing. Minute nine (Wouldn't want anybody on the Internet thinking I would only survive a measly 66 seconds in the event that someone chains me to a bed with an extinct animal.)
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Does it really count as a rickroll if they know it's gonna be that song?

I thought the whole purpose was to fool the target into thinking it was something else, then get them with Never Gonna Give You Up.
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So that's why they changed those so fast...

I'm keeping mine, old grannies from Fayetteville can...well, I can't actually think of something worse for that woman that living in Fayetteville. It's not exactly the politically correct capital of the world...
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