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The cops should set up some sort of sting operation, one in which they pretend to be counseling for teen parents who can't decide which gang to put Jr. in. Such easy convictions...
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In Borneo, in the remote Mulu mountains, there are many monstrous caves, some just holes in the ground. Inside of one of them, until recently undiscovered, there are a species related to plam trees which have just one leaf.
Since the cave is a hole, and most of the time out of the sun, the leaf does the only thing possible to maximize light exposure, and therefore photosynthesis: it follows the sun across the small "sky" of the cave, tracing the path of it's lifeblood each and every day.
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One of the largest colonies of Venus flytraps in North America, let alone the world, is outside of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. The flytraps are protected, and will never be bothered - they grow very close to the dead zone, where the shells from artillery training land.
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The screenplay for the 2003 movie Elf, with Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf, was originally written in the early 90s, and the role of Buddy was intended for Jim Carrey.
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Oh, what a lovely Christmas tree! I see that you have an angel on top, how sweet!

You know, the Spanish Inquisitors made use of a torture device called the "Judas Chair", where the subject would be made to sit on a pointed pyramid until they were slowly impaled through the anus.

OOoo, is that eggnog?
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