Finding the most beautiful woman in Italy.

How can one find the most beautiful woman in Italy? A Japanese expert determined the following 4 steps:

1) Find a random woman on the street.
2) Ask that woman to introduce the film crew to a more beautiful friend.
3) Have that more beautiful friend introduce the film crew to an even more beautiful friend.
4) Repeat until one meets the 12th woman - she will be the most beautiful woman in Italy.

A Japanese TV show traveled to Italy and attempted this method, and the results are in the video. As seen on Japan Probe.

Click play or go to Link.

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Wow! I'm amazed at how many responders also felt that (going solely by looks) #2 was the prettiest. (I also think that #7 and #6 were pretty close seconds, in that order.) But, as some pointed out, beauty is more complex than mere looks. For me, personality is the most important facet of a person's beauty. After that are various other things, and physical attractiveness is at the bottom of the list. In fact, although I'm extremely fussy, the women I have found attractive enough to propose to all look very different from each other. Three key features they all have in common are: a pleasant personality, "nerd-level" intelligence, and appreciation of the fine arts. It's possible that having these features may almost be sufficient for me to find a woman physically attractive as well.

I've heard some people denounce those who find personality more important than looks, saying that such people feel this way because they themselves are unattractive. I've also noticed that these unkind critics are singularly unattractive to me, both physically and otherwise. However, I find most "supermodel" types to be rather "generic" in appearance (to the point where they look alike to me and could vanish in a crowd to my eye), so maybe the unkind critics fit the criteria for "mass-market pretty." Or maybe not... which might explain their need to misinterpret the feelings of those who value personality over looks. In all honesty, I can't tell by looking. But I do feel that the true "ugly that goes to the bone" is a bad personality, and not a physical attribute.
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Number 2 was the prettiest.

I think the main thing we've learned here is that either women are poor judges of how attractive their friends are compared to themselves, or that when you ask them to show you their prettiest friend, they lie.
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