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The puns in your description are amazing, Alex.

Personally, I think it's a pretty cheeky move, given the economic gains, butt then again it's up to them, and they can stop it if they want. Kinda bums me out, though.
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The eruptions don't produce much lava, but they do shoot the above-mentioned lava bombs, which is why they are dangerous. They can routinely be this size:

That one came from Mt Erebus, in Antarctica. The mountain is very special in the way that it features one of the very few lava lakes. That is to say, it's crater has a very large lake of lava. It's really cool, too.
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That was interesting, but the post title does not really describe the actual article too well.

As for the link, I was hoping they would show Strombolian eruptions, or at least what they deposit all over the countryside. Giant blobs of lava shoot into the air, fly a few hundred feet, and cool just enough too be solid when they strike something and ooze lava onto it.
Oh, and the name I've seen volcanologists use is "lava bombs", which makes it awesome.
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