Top 10 Manly Dogs

That manly dog is Bodhi the Bulldog. Photo: neilio [Flickr]

I don't to post links to galleries (too much clicking!) but I'll make an exception for this one: an AskMen Top 10 list of ... manly dogs! (It's a fun topic, and I was itching to use this cute lil' bulldog photo above by Neil Lee of BeatnikPad)

Anyhoo, here's number 10 of AskMen's Top 10 Manly Dogs:

No.10 - Bulldog

Taking a turn toward a smaller breed, the Bulldog is a pint-sized tough guy, or at least they’re designed to look that way. This dog looks like a mix of a pug and a Mastiff. Bulldogs can look simultaneously peeved and happy, and they have lovable and quirky personalities that are a significant departure from the other manly dogs seen here.

Having a Bulldog as a pet is a surefire way to win friends and impress women; their bullish looks and saggy skin folds provide lots of laughs and their relatively poor conditioning, due to their heavyset, makes for some hilarious outings at the park when tossing a stick around. Still, they are just as dedicated to their territory as any other breed, and their dedicated companionship and ability to inspire are perfect reasons for their use as the official mascot of the U.S. Marine Corps.


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Ali S.: I would go with a mixed breed, rescue dog (go with one that sponsors foster programs because they put more of an emphasis socializing rescues with humans and other dogs. Oftentimes, shelters have limited time and funds so dogs stay in cages like solitary confinement). Mixed breeds are harder to predict personality-wise, but there's a better likelihood that the genetic weaknesses of purebreds are strengthened, bad behaviors predictable of certain breeds are tempered and generally, they are cheaper (to purchase...smaller dogs are cheaper to maintain but that's mainly because of food consumption differences). I've fostered many rescue dogs and found I've had an easier time with the mutts than the purebreeds, and larger than smaller dogs. My favorite foster dog was a pit bull-lab mix and if I could've afforded to keep him, I definitely would have. Type of dog for you depends on level of activity in your lifestyle. If these walks are hardcore hikes, larger breeds will have better endurance for those long walks. If it's just a short jaunt around a city block, you may opt for something smaller who can be content with smaller living space.
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Very true about bulldogs as we learned with out bully mutt.
We had to get his nares enlarged b/c he was having trouble breathing. Before the surgery, he didn't sleep very well b/c he would try to prop his head up b/c it was easier for him to breath that way. He's totally fine now though, still snores, but his breathing is normal.
Short snout dogs are all the same in that they will not tolerate heat very well, so that def should be a consideration when getting a bulldog or a pug or any other short snout dog. They will overheat in warm weather if you're not careful.
As for the overweight issue. Most bulldogs are stocky, which can make them look overweight when they're not. I know that's true for alot of french bulldogs. They have a very stocky build most of the time, and it gives the appearance as though they are overweight.

Anyway... as I already said, love bulldogs... hopefully in the future, we'll add another to our family :)
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