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i'm guilty of only thinking about this stuff re: canada / united states. (the hijacking of the term 'america' is a whole other topic!)
i wonder what the perception of canada is in the usa due to this practise...? the country is large and diverse in culture and geography. i feel this practise homogenizes canada. or maybe i'm reading way too much into it !
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thanks sid.

i guess my tiny peeve is with americans never mentioning which province but always mentioning which state.

who says anchorage, usa ;)

montreal, quebec has kwazy extremes in temperature. -35 C with wind chill factor in the winter, 35 C with humidex in the summer....up and down all around.
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as easy as it is to make fun of celine, i saw her in a local (quebecois) tv broadcast fielding questions from teenagers about showbiz and i was impressed with her ease, lack of pretension, friendliness.
she still has her downhomeness intact.
i don't see too many celebs that take their guard down like her.
in that respect she is amazing.

and #5, her husband has been her manager since she was a minor, so he's built of some very durable (and creepy) stuff.
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yeah, i see it as hammed up for the camera esp. now knowing it's everyones beloved hayseed kellie pickler.
if it was a 'nobody', then they hand pick dummies for effect which is cruel.
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