Oldest Road Map of Britain is Oddly Phallic

That's the 1360 Gough Map (also called The Bodleian Map). It is the oldest surviving road map of Great Britain:

The map is the so-called 'Gough map', dating from roughly 1360, but likely copied from an earlier map created around 1280, during the reign of Edward I. It's the earliest surviving map that shows Britain in a recognisable shape – even if Scotland's priapic appearance might provoke giggles.

Previous maps had been largely rubbish, favouring theology over geography – they would show how Britain fitted into the wider world of Christendom, but would forget to make the island even roughly the right shape.


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Get your mind out of the gutter for once, man!

And -

that's how your schlong looks? THAT reminds you of your schlong?

I feel sorry for you - NOT!

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It's really meant to be viewed on it's side, with east being at the top.



I'm not sure if that makes it look better, or worse.
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I mentioned this to my family and told me I was just being childish. But it's TRUE!
Also I thought that they'd left out the place where I live, but I remembered that it used to be an island about a thousand years ago. You can see it in the south east corner of the picture ^_^
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