Color Sculpture Recreations

What would those classical sculptures look like in color? Surprise, many of them were probably in color when they were unveiled!
When we think of statues and buildings of the classical period, we tend to imagine white marble; scientists in recent years have discovered that it is in fact most likely that many of the buildings and statues were painted and probably adorned with jewelry. The Vatican Museum has recently put on an exhibition of some of the most famous antiquities from the era with reproductions painted as close to the originals as they can - this is possible because many statues contain trace amounts of pigment from their original coats of paint.

Listverse has photographs of ten classical statues as they are, and as they have been recreated in color. Link -via Cynical-C

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just cuz we're used to the stone monochrome ones doesn't mean the originals weren't colorful. tho i dunno if the colors were that bright using ancient pigments. maybe.

a better question: why does this woman have the head of a cabbage patch kid popping out of her clothes?
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In Nashville, TN, there is a life-sized replica of the Parthenon in Athens, built as a nod to Nashville's old nickname as "The Athens of the South." It stands in Centennial Park here in Nashville. Inside our Parthenon is a life-sized replica of the statue of Athena that stood in the original Parthenon. In 2002, the statue was guilded and painted. No top ten list of "colorized" replicas would be complete without her. At least, this biased Nashvillian thinks so! See for yourself...
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