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We've got some week coming up! Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, begins at sunset on Wednesday, which is followed by Thanksgiving on Thursday, and Black Friday starts sometime Thursday and lasts all weekend. I'm avoiding that last one. The last time Hanukkah overlapped with American Thanksgiving was in 1888, and it won't happen again in any of our lifetimes. You can commemorate this auspicious occasion with a t-shirt from the NeatoShop. We hope you have a wonderful holiday, both of them! Meanwhile, let's catch up on the highlights of the past week at Netaorama.  

Alex gave us two posts on our Spotlight blog, where we have bigger, more glorious photos: The Warcraft Wedding and Dinovember: Bringing Toy Dinosaurs to Life.

He also told us about The Topography of Tears: Do Tears of Joy and Sorrow Look Different Under the Microscope?

John Farrier related the story of The Republic of Madawaska--A Short-Lived Nation on the US-Canadian Border.

Jill Harness rounded up 11 Foods Inspired By The Hunger Games.

Edddie Deezen gave us The Beatles Concert on the Day JFK Was Shot.

Plucked From Obscurity: Love and Reincarnation was from The Annals of Improbable Research.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader brought us The Strange Fate of Eben Byers.

We got a look at some Neatoramanaut's mustaches in Movember Madness: Contest Results. Not only that of the winner, but of all those who contributed pictures!

Our Great Pics of The Week was all about Cute & Funny Critters.

We had a few polls this week -one was when Alex asked Would You Help Out a Stranger on the Internet? Most of you would! Also, most of you agreed that The Danish Royal Family Portrait was decidedly creepy. And as far as The Question of Turkey Dressing goes, it turns out the largest number of Neatoramanauts think bread-based dressing is the best, and if you were to put something in for flavor, bacon or sausage is the most popular choice. 

Our Conceptis puzzle this week was called Hashi Light.

Our Pzzlr asked you to sort out four men with Allergies.

In the What Is It? game this week, the mystery item is a dental tooth key for use by a dentist to remove a tooth. Just the thought of that makes my mouth hurt. But we were looking for funny answers! Arcadian Grace and Trish Schroeder had the best answers, which were kind of long, so go to the contest post to see them. Both won t-shirts from the NeatoShop! Thanks to everyone who played this week! See the answers to all the mystery objects at the What Is It? blog.

Hy Conrad's Whodunit this week was The Taunting Clue. Remember, anytime you want to stretch your brain power, you can find a puzzle or game to play at NeatoPuzzles.

The post with the most comments was The Filmography of Cars. In second place was Learn Math with LEGO and third was Danish Royal Family Portrait: Cute or Creepy?

The comment of the week was when BadSpeller used every fake British term in the post The Differences Between British and American English in one sentence.

This week's most popular post was High School Football Player is a 400-lb Running Back. In second place was The Strange Fate of Eben Byers, followed by A Food Pyramid for Modern Times in third place.

The most ♥ed post was Blind Puppy's Brother Is His Seeing Eye Dog. Second was Paying for People's Groceries. The most emailed post was High School Football Player is a 400-lb Running Back followed by Jingle Bell Chorus.

Our biggest post on Facebook this week was Learn Math with LEGO. On Twitter, it was Interactive Billboard Tells You Where The Airplane Overhead is Going. The most pinned on Pinterest was White Chocolate Raspberry Oreo Cookie Balls, and the hit on Google+ was Great Pics of The Week: Cute & Funny Critters. I'm forever impressed at how those are always different. Each social site draws different users with different tastes.

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Oh, there's lots of good stuff coming up this next week on Neatorama. Wherever you are for the holidays, look us up! Happy Thanksgiving, and may you have a blessed Hanukkah!

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