Dinovember: Bringing Toy Dinosaurs to Life

Movember ain't the only thing happenin' this November, folks. There's also Dinovember - a month-long project by Refe (@RefeUp) and Susan Tuma to convince their little children that plastic dinosaurs come to life when they sleep.

The project got started when after a long stretch of staying up all night with their one-year-old son who had trouble sleeping, Refe and Susan felt guilty that they weren't doing enough fun things with their two older children. So, Susan decided to play a little prank by setting up their plastic dinosaur toys in the bathroom.

"When my daughter, who was 4 at the time, came running into our bedroom, she said 'The dinosaurs came to life in the middle of the night and they were brushing our teeth!'" said Refe to TODAY.com "We looked at each other, and we knew we had to run with it."

Every night, the Tumas set up a different scene - so far, the dinos have started a band, wrecked the kitchen, started art projects, and even tied up a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. They've chronicled the toy dinosaurs' (mis)adventures over on Facebook.

Judging from the destruction that these little plastic dinosaurs have wreaked upon the Tuma household, it's easy to see why dinos went extinct: their parents probably killed them for making such messes!

View more Dinovember images over at Medium and the project's official Facebook page.

A new Ice Age for the toy dinosaurs, perhaps?

"Mom and Dad - the dinos destroyed the whole world!" One of the Tuma kids exclaimed.

"On movie night, the dinos explore family dynamics and paternity issues"

How do you ask a tyrannosaur out to a meal? "Tea, Rex?"

Uh-oh, the dinosaurs are channeling Banksy-osaurus again.

"You aren't Dinobots, are you?"

Maybe this is how the dinosaurs went extinct: too much junk food!

Or is it their irresponsible thrill-seeking attitudes?

Spitball war? It's good practice on dodging falling meteorites.

"The dinos are really good at tin-foil, Daddy." Dragon or dinos? Maybe both.

What's the name of the dinosaurs' band? Rock of Ages, of course!

"They made him look like Barney."

Tyrannosaurus wreck ... ed the vase.

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