Family Tree House

This is a lovely way to visualize the relationships in a family! Redditor OrbDeluxxxe posted this photo of his family reunion, mentioning that the couple at the top have been married 60 years. Their children and spouses are below, and the third and fourth generation are at the bottom -five of them babes-in-arms. You know who came from who by the color-coordinated shirts. If you look closely (enlarge the image here), you'd guess that they are arranged in order of age from the left. A lot of planning went into this picture, and the results are stunning, even though four people are missing from the bottom row. OrbDeluxxxe added:

Nearly everyone on the bottom row at least has a BA or BS, there’s a PhD, an MD, an MBA, and a masters in social work on that row, and two who are hoping to get MDs in the near future. There is also a handful of engineers and 2 teachers.

Also: What a neat cabin to have a reunion in! -via reddit 

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Would You Mind Taking a Picture of Us?

Have you ever wondered why Lois Lane couldn't figure out that Clark Kent was Superman? These two ladies in Las Vegas went to Harrah's to see Tape Face perform. Remember Tape Face from America's Got Talent? He was on his way to work, and the women asked him to snap a picture of them as they posed in front of a cardboard cutout of... Tape Face. He was glad to oblige. They did not recognize him without tape on his face; they just saw a guy with tattoos who spoke with a New Zealand accent. Let's hope that he revealed his identity afterward. Redditor createch, who posted this picture, didn't say whether he did or not.

(Image credit: phyllisvanillis)

Update: No, he didn't tell them.

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Unhatched Elder Gods

You see this baby squid looking back at you, and it hasn't even hatched yet! Redditor rockyroo529 says his nephew found a seashell with squid eggs inside. There were about 16 eggs with developing squid, and evidence that some eggs had already hatched.

They took few pictures and then put the shell back into the water so the little ones can go about their squid business.

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Disaster in the Pantry

How would you handle this disaster? Redditor nerdy_J said a friend's kid did this to all the cans in the pantry. They were lucky that the labels were still there at all. Do you know what's in your cabinets well enough to figure out what's in the cans? Tomato paste, tomato sauce, corned beef, and tuna are pretty easy. I hope you store the cat food in a different place. Some folks at the post shared what they did back when they got unlabeled canned food free.

When I was a kid we were really poor and would volunteer to take food from local grocery stores to the local food pantry. Legally, the food pantry could not accept cans without labels, so rather than throwing them out we would take them home. We all got pretty good at guessing what was in a can by how it sounded when you shook it. We would also make “mystery can soup”. Basically get a cheap chunk of roast and then start opening cans: vegetables went in the soup, fruit went into a bowl for fruit salad and cat/dog food/mystery meat would go to the cats.

That plan gets a wrench thrown in when you open a can of tamales or chow mein, but those can be refrigerated for a while. I am reminded of a Girl Scout camp out where we all brought a can of our favorite soup and threw them all in a pot together. The real problem with your canned goods shelf is that you keep too much stuff around that you really don't want to eat. I once bought one can of French onion soup because I like it, but the hassle of preparing a couple of slices of French bread and melted cheese meant I never prepared it. Yesterday I checked and found the can expired four years ago!

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Full Color Lightning Strike

Redditor captainford80 runs a towboat that pushes barges on the lower Mississippi River. He declined to give a more exact location where he took this picture of a storm about a mile away.

There was a storm with a lot of lightning so I stood on the deck and was using a burst shot didn’t realize I even caught the picture till I went back and looked

He says there was no editing and no filters used, those awesome colors were just there, although they appeared and disappeared so quickly that getting the shot was pure serendipity.

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A Class Picture for the Ages

Nice picture, huh? But why are they all leaning to their right slightly? And what's with the ropes? It's because they're all high. It would help if you turned the picture the correct way up.

(Image credit: Hes-so Valais Wallis)

These 14 students at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Hes-so) Valais-Wallis campus climbed 2,400 meters (7,874 feet) up the mountain called Pierre Avoi in the Swiss Alps. If you think that's an awful lot of trouble to get a picture, you haven't seen the half of it. Watch the process they went through to make this photograph happen.

(YouTube link)

These young folks take mountain climbing seriously, except when they want to have fun. You can see more pictures here.  -via reddit

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Romeow and Mewliet

These star-crossed lovers of the feline variety are not pussyfooting around! What will their families think? Cactussa took this picture in Chefchaouen, Morocco. Chefchaouen is renowned for its buildings washed in various shades of blue. Read more about Chefchaoen in a previous post. -via reddit

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I Could Have Sworn I Parked My Car Right Here

TastyTalk took a picture of some pigeons walking along a ledge. What he ended up with was an optical illusion straight out of a 1960s horror movie. Sure, if you look closely, you can see the edge of the concrete ledge they are standing on, and the cars on the ground about a floor below, but that edge could easily have been between lanes in a parking lot. He was accused of blurring the image intentionally to enhance the illusion, but is that so bad? We ended up with a neat picture to make us smile.   -via reddit

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It looks like Carroll Spinney is playing both ends in this vintage photograph! But you can hardly blame him for not completely changing between scenes when he had to play two roles. Spinney played both Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street for years. At age 84, he is only semi-retired now. He started puppeteering when he was only eight years old, and after years of professional work, almost missed the chance to become a Muppeteer.  

Spinney first met Jim Henson in 1962 at a puppeteering festival, where Henson asked if he would like to "talk about the Muppets". As Spinney failed to realize the question was an employment offer, the conversation never came to pass.[6]

In 1969, Spinney performed at a Puppeteers of America festival in Utah. His show was a mixture of live actors and puppets but was ruined by an errant spotlight that washed out the animated backgrounds. Henson was once again in attendance and noticed Spinney's performance. "I liked what you were trying to do," Henson said, and he asked once more if they could "talk about the Muppets". This time, they did have the conversation, and Spinney joined the Muppeteers full-time by late 1969.[7]

-via Wil Wheaton

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Succulent Cupcakes

WillieB87's wife loves succulent plants, is pregnant, and yesterday was her birthday. So these cupcakes are perfect for her! And that's frosting, not fondant. Someone offered congratulations for getting them home in one piece, and then we found out that he made them himself! That's some good work. And a man who will go that distance to surprise his wife for her birthday, well, he's a keeper.  

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Cat Playing Behind the TV

FutonSpecialOps shared this picture of his cat. What do you see? At first glance, I thought they had a transparent TV. No, that's a human body! Oh yeah, his wife took the picture, and that's her reflection. She just thought the cat looked cute, so she grabbed her phone to snap a "Kilroy was here" picture. Since the TV isn't on, it's acting as a mirror. Notice the space between her arm and the chair looks like the cat's front leg. So part of the picture is a selfie, the other part is a cat. Together, it's an illusion. That's three of the most popular pictures posted on the internet, all in one. -via reddit

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When the Dishwasher is Mad at You

Calling names, now huh? I've got enough problems without appliances getting an attitude. There's a perfectly logical explanation. "Slut" mean "finished" in Danish and Swedish. In Norwegian, it would say "slutt." I don't know how you would say finished in Finnish. -via reddit

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What the Super Blue Blood Moon Looked Like

Did you manage to see the lunar eclipse this morning? I was in a position to see only a small part of it before moonset (which is variable in a mountain area), and it was cloudy anyway. Peter Katkov woke up at 3AM this morning in California to see the super blue blood moon and take some photographs. This one is stacked, showing the progression of the moon and how it changed color as it dipped under the shadow of the earth. He was so proud, he posted it at reddit. He gives some technical information on how he took it, too. There are a couple of other pictures of the moon at his Instagram gallery.

(Image credit: Peter Katkov)

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Escalator Illusion

Let's take a ride on the escalator at Le Bon Marché in Paris! The escalator didn't look like this until Argentine artist Leandro Erlich (previously at Neatorama) got hold of it recently. His illusion art is now on display all over the French department store.

Erlich has paid homage to the City of Light’s changing skies by filling its windows with wispy cloudlike shapes. Surreal cloud formations will be projected on a giant screen erected under the store’s glass roof. Meanwhile, a bank of fake elevators promises to further scramble visitors’ perception.

“I am mainly interested in transforming elements that you believe can’t be transformed, can’t be different. It’s about the utopia of presenting the possibility of transforming what exists into something else, and this action invites us to imagine reality in a different way,” the artist told WWD.

The exhibition titled Sous le Ciel (Under the Sky) will be on display until February 18. Read more about the art installation at WWD. -via TYWKIWDBI

(Image credit: Gabriel de La Chapelle)

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Your Attention and Patience is Required to Read the Sign

A notice of a public hearing in Hempstead, New York, is impossible to read. Don't even try it, you might hurt yourself. It's not just a design gone wrong. This is an example of malicious compliance, or following the letter of the law while undermining the spirit of the law, like the "small print" on a contract that gets smaller every year. Yes, they were required by law to post the notice of a public hearing, but you can tell they really don't want anyone to attend. The font is exactly as tall as required, but so narrow as to resemble a barcode more than text. If you really want to read the sign, here is a stretched version.  -via reddit

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