A WKRP Thanksgiving Quiz

Ask anyone to name a Thanksgiving TV show, and chances are pretty good that the first thing they will think of is the WKRP Turkey Drop. The actual name of the episode was "Turkeys Away," and it first aired in 1978. How well you do recall that particular show? Take the mental_floss quiz and find out! I only missed one question, for a score of 89%.  

After you take the quiz, you can watch "Turkeys Away" at Hulu. I have a soft spot in my heart (or was it a soft spot in my head?) for WKRP, the TV show that was directly responsible for me spending 24 years in radio.

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If memory serves me, no one on WKRP smoked. Back when I dabbled in FM radio it was common, to anesthetize our vocal cords as I used to say. We had a reggae show DJ and you can guess what he smoked. As far as I know the smoke didn't harm the equipment. We had the old two turntables, cart machines, and such. I guess the modern digital stuff would fare better without it.
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I loved WKRP and I scored 100% on the quiz! I met Gordon Jump (aka Arthur Carlson) twice in my life as I worked for Maytag and he spent the latter portion of his career as Ol' Lonely, the Maytag Repairman. He told me that even though he was appearing at various corporate functions as his repairman persona, the most frequent question he was asked was to quote that famous line, "As God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly."
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Funny. I was already in radio when WKRP debuted. I'd had a high-profile gig for a while as sidekick/assistant to a Los Angeles morning personality (with the schock-jockish nickname of Sweet Dick) which I left to 'run' a small station in Central California (BIG mistake - I was no Andy Travis) and those wacky hijinks on WKRP (a couple of which were based on L.A. radio stories I was previously privy to) helped me to decide to get OUT of that business (although I used my connections to make a sideline out of selling jokes to DJs... you may have seen the ads for the "Wendell's Weakly" jokeletter, enthusiastically endorsed by Gary Owens).
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