2007: The Year in Cats

Neatorama had a lot of stories and videos about cats in 2007. Here are some of the more popular ones, in case you missed them or want to see them again.


Goliath is a twenty-pound cat who got wedged in a dog door!
Video of what became ubiquitous in 2007: LOLcats.
A family of cats performing to a waltz.


(YouTube link)

Nora lives with a piano teacher, and loves to play the piano. This was later followed by a video of Nora’s Piano Duets. Nora now has a CD available called Cat on the Keys. $2.00 from every CD sold are donated in Nora's name to Best Friends Animal Society.

Otto’s very strange video valentine for perfect strangers.
Video of a cat climbing into a fish bowl.


A fourth-grade class raised money to buy the disabled cat Xavier a wheelchair.
Agui, the cat who can pronounce his own name!


Macavity rides a bus by himself to the chip shop!
One Useless Cat makes friends with a rat.
Kosh doesn’t want to walk on a treadmill.


Smokey owes his life to blogger EMT Tom Reynolds.
Video showing how to vacuum a cat.
Tama, the cat stationmaster for a Japanese railway.
Pippy, the cat who will beg for anything.


Mr. Lee’s Cat Cam shows what the world looks like to a cat.
Des, the cat with 26 toes!
Where did they come from, anyway? The history of housecats.


Oscar, the cat who predicts death in a Rhode Island geriatric ward, became an internet sensation and one of the most talk-about stories of the year.
A litter of kittens playing with toilet paper.
How to compute the volume of a cat.
The Hemingway Cats get a reprieve.
A cute cat eating corn on the cob.
The Laws of Cat Physics.
Nimra adopted a litter flock of chicks!
The Hello Kitty Cat Humiliation System.

(YouTube link)

Meet Charley, who has cerebellar hypoplasia.


The Russian lady with 130 cats!
This Japanese TV show answers the question: How much weight can a cat carry?
Video of a DJ scratchin' cat.


Caption monkey contest featuring a swimming cat and a bonus pic.
Tiger Lily has the shape of a heart on her side.
The Mean Kitty Song, starring Sparta.
Video of a kitten eating a melon.
Nine videos of the adorable Scottish Fold breed.
Video of cute kittens sleeping in dishes.


(YouTube link)

The animation every cat owner can relate to: Cat Man Do, by Simon Tofield.
The Flo Control Project must recognize your cat before he can come in the house!
Molly survived the washing machine.
Fitzy, the fabulous fetching feline.


Scientific proof that cats are liquid.
A cat who loves his horse.
Video of a cat that acts like a dog.
Snoopy playing an invisible piano.
Video of a dog, a cat, and a crawfish. With earworm music.
Lil'Bit, the cat with two faces.
Two cats having a conversation, plus a remix with an English translation.
Baby, the bionic cat with metal implants in all four legs.
A kitten battling a ferret.


Scientists clone fluorescent cats that glow red in the dark!
Video of the cute upright kitten.
Jelly came home with a copperhead wrapped around her neck!
Japan’s Rent-A-Cat industry.
Musashi's Christmas Song.

To compile this list, I sifted through 25 pages of Neatorama's animal archives, which took a long time because there are so many interesting stories about all kinds of animals. I highly recommend that you take a look!

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So ur wit yur honey, n ur makin out wen the phone rigns. U anser it n the voice is, "wut r u doing wit my daughter?" U hang up n tell ur girl. She say, "my dad is ded."

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the swimming cat pic looks crule because the owner could of juss put it in the water and so therefore of course its gunna swim cz it would drown otherwise!!!

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