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Infographics in Real Life

Jose Duarte, a graphic designer, has lately been presenting information using physical objects. These balloons, for example, represent the number of Internet users in (from left to right) China, the EU, India, Brazil, Mexico, and Portugal.

Link via Urlesque

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Stuffed Animal Dress

New Orleans-based crafter Miss Malaprop made a dress covered with stuffed animals for the most recent Mardi Gras. She accidentally sewed through her finger with a sewing machine needle while making it, but "Either way, I’m happy with the way it turned out, it was very fun to wear and very SOFT!"

Link via Craft

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Snow White Tattoo

The whole Snow White story -- well, the Disney version, anyway -- is told in this lovely back tattoo. I'm not completely sure who's responsible, but it's been attributed to an artist named Ping who lives in Taiwan.

via Caramel, Carmel

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Sauna Pants

Saunas are great, but they're not very portable. Here's a gadget that tries to solve that problem. The sauna pants wrap around your nether regions and give them the Finnish treatment.

Link via DVICE | Image:

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A Travel Trailer Light Enough to Be Hauled by a Mobility Scooter

The Environmental Transport Association (UK) developed the QTvan -- a travel trailer that can serve as a shelter for users of mobility scooters. It contains a bed, a 19" television screen, and a kettle. Available options include a satellite dish, a gaming console, and a heater. You can watch a video of it at the link.

Link via OhGizmo! | Photo: ETA

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Gatling Gun Slingshot

(Video Link)

Garage genius Jörg Sprave, who invented the machete-firing crossbow, has made a multi-shot slingshot that repeats like a Gatling gun:

The Slingshot Channel took the challenge to design a rubber powered version of Mr. Gatling's great invention. And here it is: Eight 20 mm balls, on their way to the target in less than half a second. The theoretical firing rate is 960 rounds per minute, slightly faster than the popular M16 assault rifle.

via Geekosystem | Sprave's Blog

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Rules for Playing Golf During an Air Raid

Italian journalist Luigi Barzini once said that imperturbability was the quintessential British quality. They certainly wouldn't let German air raids disrupt a good round of golf. Just make a few changes to the rules, keep calm, and carry on.

Link via Ace of Spades HQ

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Eye of Sauron in the Morning Sun

redditor lulalai snapped this shot this morning. It reminds me (as well as a lot of other redditors) of the Eye of Saruon presented in the LOTR movies. Do you agree?


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Ray Charles' Personal Stationery

Allegedly, this is a photo of the personal stationery used by musician Ray Charles in 1990. Musical staff would be a wonderful medium for letter composition, don't you think?

via Doobybrain

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China Knuckles

Juliet Ames of The Broken Plate Pendant Company made this knuckleduster out of china:

I pity the fool who messes with me in a dark alley. *SMASH* Only drawback is that I bet they can only be used once.


Link via Craft

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Ad Becomes Visible Only When Wet

(Video Link)

The ad agency Fresh Green Ads, which emphasizes eco-friendly marketing solutions, made this ad in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. It becomes visible only when wet. The Dutch phrase means "never lets you go."

Agency Website via Super Punch

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ICC Judge: No More Wigs!

The International Criminal Court is currently addressing, among other issues, Kenya's 2007 presidential election. A judge politely suggested that attorneys stop wearing the wigs traditionally worn in Britain and its former colonies:

Justice Ekaterina Trendafilova paused briefly at the end of the hearing to pass a hair-raising judgment.

"This is not the dress code of this institution," she said.

"In this quite warm weather maybe it will be more convenient to be without wigs," she added with a smile.

It is unusual for lawyers to appear at the International Criminal Court in wigs, but not unheard of. At least three lawyers wore wigs during the initial appearance of three Kenyan suspects on April 8, without Justice Trendafilova issuing any dress code guidelines.

Link | Photo (unrelated) via Flickr user Steve Punter used under Creative Commons license

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Jar Jar Head, Stuffed and Mounted

We can assume that Jar Jar is so despised that trophy such hunting is legal even on Naboo. This tattoo has been attributed to Wes at Darkside Tattoo in White House, Tennessee.

via Look at This Frakking Geekster

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Prom Dress Made out of Starburst Wrappers

For six years, Tara Frey of River Falls, Wisconsin, has been preparing for prom. She's carefully made a dress, vest, bracelets, earrings, headbands, and shoes out of Starburst wrappers:

Tara's mother would buy 20 bags of Starburst at a time to get the huge amount of wrappers needed to make the dress and the accessories. "The whole community gave us wrappers…My mom hand [Starburst] out to people and ask for the wrappers back, and don't rip them!"

Miss Frey's costume fit nicely into the Candyland theme for this year's prom at her school.

Link (warning: auto-sound) via Urlesque | Photo: ABC News

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A Boy and His Dog

This image made me laugh the moment that I saw it. deviantART user Hillary White's gallery is filled with all sorts of hilarious juxtapositions, like Voltron dancing in a Monet painting and Brainy Smurf getting assassinated during the French Revolution.

Link via Nerd Bastards

Previously: Cutting Open an Animal and Crawling Inside to Survive During a Storm in the Wild

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Rubber Chicken Launcher

I can't find much information about the contraption pictured above, but I gather that an artist in Asheville, North Carolina made a machine that launches rubber chickens a considerable distance using a motorcycle engine. The video shows him firing the chickens at what appears to be a sculpture made of boxing gloves.

Image Link, Image Link, Image Link and Video Link via The Firearm Blog | Image: The Firearm Blog

UPDATE 4.23.11: Commenter Ashevilleisawesome lets us now that the artist is named Sean Pace, and you can read an excellent article about his work (including the Chicken Shooter) here. Thanks!

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Dogs Playing with a Tiger

(Video Link)

The end of this video shows the homeowners' rather emphatic 'no trespassing' signs. I would imagine that if the tiger is allowed to play outside on a regular basis, they don't have a problem with solicitors.

via Doobybrain

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23 Facts You Might Not Know about The Dukes of Hazzard

I grew up a devoted fan of The Dukes of Hazzard. It was, to my childhood self, an exciting, funny, and understandable grown-up show. I was never able to convince my father to jump our car like the Duke boys jumped the General Lee, although I sure did try. Popping wheelies and rolling over logs with my Big Wheel would have to suffice -- and I'm sure I'm not the only boy who did the same. So let's look back at that wonderful show and some things that you might not know about it.

1. The basic story of the show can be traced back to Jerry Elijah Rushing, an actual moonshiner in North Carolina. At the age of 12, he began making deliveries, eventually using a modified 1958 Chrysler 300D for the job. The car, named “Traveller” after General Lee’s horse, was rigged to dump oil on the road to impair law enforcement vehicles in pursuit. Rushing was often joined by his brother Johnny, and sometimes by his female cousin Delane. But they just delivered the moonshine, which was actually made by Rushing’s Uncle Worley. Rushing eventually left the business and became an accomplished hunter, especially with a bow. His stories about his adventures inspired the 1975 movie Moonrunners, which in turn led to The Dukes of Hazzard.

2. Producer Gy Waldron created the show because he saw that one sixth of all music record sales were country, but there were no television shows aimed directly at the country market. Episodes were written in the country music narrative style, or as Waldron put it “...when you get through watching an episode, replay it in Nashville, and somebody should be able to write a pretty good country song about it.”

3. John Schneider (Bo Duke), a New Yorker, presented himself as something of a redneck when he auditioned for the role of Bo Duke. He grew stubble, carried a can of beer, put a wad of chewing tobacco into his mouth, and claimed to be from a small town in Georgia. Schneider also knew that driving skill could be useful, so he claimed to be a graduate of the Georgia School of High Performance Driving, which didn’t exist. He got the part.

4. Tom Wopat (Luke Duke) has made some success in the music business, releasing albums and touring since 1981. When the show was canceled, Wopat held the #1 slot in the Billboard country chart.

5. Sorrel Brooke, who played Boss Hogg, was a great intellect. A classically trained Shakespearean actor, he was a graduate of Columbia and Yale and fluent in five languages. Brooke was especially accomplished at replicating dialects, and based his character’s accent on that of South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond. His belly was also fake -- Brooke wore a padded suit to give him the extra girth that he needed to play the rotund Hogg.

6. James Best grew up in poverty and from a broken family to become a phenomenally successful actor by the time that he was cast as Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane. He worked as an accomplished acting teacher for decades and provided instruction to, among other actors, Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, Farrah Fawcett, and Quentin Tarantino, as well as less famous students while serving as a professor at Mississippi State University. In his spare time, he acquired a black belt in karate and now paints (warning: auto-sound).

7. Ben Jones (Cooter Davenport) was a member of Congress from 1989 to 1993. His writings have appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, and The Weekly Standard. Like some other cast members from the original show, he disapproved of the 2005 movie and referred to it as “sleazy”. In an interview with Billy Rae Bates, Jones said:

I don’t know what they were thinking (with the movie). They totally missed the whole point of the show. Our show was sort of like a western, a 1940s western. The Old B westerns, the Roy Rogers ones, they weren’t realistic; they were fantasies; you could fall off a cliff and not hurt yourself. There were values and a good sense of right and wrong...The reason people watched this show and encouraged their kids to watch it is it’s a good old-fashioned American show. These Duke boys are heroes; they risk their lives to do the right thing. If I hear it once, I hear it a thousand times a day, ‘Thank you for making a show that our kids can watch.’ You don’t take that audience and that show and do what they did to it.
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Tapestries of Embarrassing Photos from the Internet

Artist Erin M. Riley found images of people caught in embarrassing situations, kept in perpetuity by the Internet, and turned them into tapestries. In an interview about her work, she wrote "I like the images to be attractive and alluring while also showing you how creepy and depressing life can be."


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Chinese Typewriters

The most agonizingly complex language that I've ever tried to learn is OT Hebrew, which (among other challenges) expresses vowel intonations through a vast variety of tick marks, jots, and tittles surrounding the consonants. These are not constant; rather, the meaning of the different markings varies depending upon the order of the letter within the word, order within the syllable, the nature of the preceding consonant and the following consonant, and all possible combinations thereof. But I gather that Hebrew is comparatively simple to Mandarin. As a necessary result of that complexity, Mandarin typewriters are sophisticated machines:

As you can see, the typewriter is extremely complicated and cumbersome. The main tray — which is like a typesetter's font of lead type — has about two thousand of the most frequent characters. Two thousand characters are not nearly enough for literary and scholarly purposes, so there are also a number of supplementary trays from which less frequent characters may be retrieved when necessary. What is even more intimidating about a Chinese typewriter is that the characters as seen by the typist are backwards and upside down! Add to this challenging orientation the fact that the pieces of type are tiny and all of a single metallic shade, it becomes a maddening task to find the right character. But that is not all, since there is also the problem of the principle (or lack thereof) upon which the characters are ordered in the tray. By radical? By total stroke count? Both of these methods would result in numerous characters under the same heading. By rough frequency? By telegraph code? Unfortunately, nobody seems to have thought to use the easiest and most user-friendly method of arranging the characters according to their pronunciation.

Link via Geekosystem | Photo: Victor Mair

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Indian Students Build Motorcycle That Runs on Oxygen

Engineering students in Palwal City, India, built a motorcycle that runs on a tank of compressed oxygen:

"This bike is different from others because the engine doesn’t burn fuel, nor does the temperature rise. The air is compressed and transferred to the engine without any combustion. The piston reciprocates from the air pressure leading to an up-down movement, making the flywheel run and the bike move.”

Students say the basic concept behind the invention is to achieve an equivalent thrust of blast inside the engine without using any combustion.

The bike can run at a speed of six to 12 miles an hour for up to 370 miles using 100 liters of 300 PSI oxygen.

Video at the link.

Link via Walyou

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Super Mario-Style Marriage Proposal

(Video Link)

Silvas' girlfriend April loves Super Mario Bros., so he decided to propose marriage to her in an appropriate way. He decorated his living room with game backgrounds and placed the wedding ring in a yellow cube hanging from the ceiling. And then, once she said 'yes'....

via Kotaku

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World's Most Expensive Ice Cream Planned for Royal Wedding

Colin Bleasdale, an ice cream maker in Lancashire, UK, hopes to be entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for an ice cream concoction that he is making for the upcoming British royal wedding:

Mr Bleasdale, who teaches art at Larches House in Preston, said: “The ice cream will resemble a wedding posy that will be covered in fake jewels made from jelly or melted toffee.

“Fifteen cones will be used to create the bouquet and each one will be covered with real gold leaves. I may also include a champagne sorbet and black truffles.”

Mr. Bleasdale hopes to top his creation with a large sapphire. Question: if one wanted to make the world's most expensive ice cream, couldn't one just get a generic brand then charge a really high price for it? Anyway, I post this story with some hesitation, keeping in mind Tamara Keel's admonition about Americans and royalty:

If George Washington knew you were Tweeting about the British royal wedding, he'd snatch the iPhone from your hand and kick your ass.

Link via Born Rich | Image: Born Rich

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Lil' Thor

(Video Link)

A few months ago, Volkswagen released a simply adorable commercial featuring a young, would-be Darth Vader. Marvel has released a parody of it, almost shot for shot, to promote the upcoming Thor movie. Be sure to watch until the end.

via Geekologie

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Murderer Caught Because He Had the Murder Scene Tattooed on His Chest

In retrospect, it may have been a bad idea for Anthony Garcia to commemorate his first killing by having it inscribed on his chest. When a LA County homicide investigator was later looking through pictures of gang members, he noticed something important:

Each key detail was right there: the Christmas lights that lined the roof of the liquor store where 23-year-old John Juarez was gunned down, the direction his body fell, the bowed street lamp across the way and the street sign — all under the chilling banner of RIVERA KILLS, a reference to the gang Rivera-13.

As if to seal the deal, below the collarbone of the gang member known by the alias "Chopper" was a miniature helicopter raining down bullets on the scene.

Lloyd's discovery of the tattoo in 2008 launched a bizarre investigation that soon led to Anthony Garcia's arrest for the shooting. Then sheriff's detectives, posing as gang members, began talking to Garcia, 25, in his holding cell. They got a confession that this week led to a first-degree murder conviction in a killing investigators had once all but given up hope of solving.

Link via SayUncle | Photo: LA County Sheriffs

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Audi Papercraft Model

As a promotion for Audi, artist Taras Lesko made a scale model of an Audi A7 out of paper. It's amazing what he was able to do with only 750 pieces. I chose the above screenshot from the video about the project because it shows how much attention Lesko put into depicting even the interior of the model as accurately as possible.

Article Link and Video Link via Geekosystem | Lesko's Website

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Steampunk Iron Man

Toy modder Jonathan Kuriscak made an intricately detailed steampunk Iron Man figure, along with Tony Stark. You can view several more pictures at the link.

Really, giving Stark a big handlebar mustache was a great decision and should probably be used in the next Iron Man movie, regardless of time period.

Link via Technabob

Previously by Jonathan Kuriscak: Star Wars Bounty Hunters from World War II

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Rainbow-Pooping Unicorn Is Kinda Dangerous

(Video Link)

The unicorn that Freddie Wong won on the Internet is pretty cool. But there is a downside....

Still, I want one.

via Kotaku

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Tiki Dalek

Livejournal user kproche built a tiki-themed Dalek. It won Best in Show at the recent Gallifrey One Masquerade ball. The link goes to a reverse-chronological order presentation of kproche's posts about building and displaying the Dalek.

Link via Walyou | Photo: emilyooo

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Doilies in Razor Wire

Crystal Gregory calls her project "Invasive Crochet" -- the imposition of dainty doilies into harsh places. She writes that it:

[...] challenges gender roles by placing handwork on hardened city surfaces around New York. Crocheting lace doilies onto the razor wire of an abandoned lot for the 14th Street public art show Art in Odd Places, smothering the urban landscape in a soft, decorative, and familiar juxtaposition.

Link via Colossal

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