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Quick, R2, to the Droid Poles!

Suddenly, my respect for C3P0 has greatly increased. Well, I guess his normal manner is the perfect cover for his secret identity as the Coppered Crusader.

via Comics Alliance | Image: Adam Carlson

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Spooky Vid of Dog Drinking Water

(Video Link)

In slow motion, this x-ray image looks especially cool. Thank your opposable thumbs that you don't have to do this.

via Doobybrain

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New Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

What new words have been officially* added to the English language? Oxford University Press now lists them on its website. Now, whenever you write "meep" or "nekkid", you can feel confident that you're using real words and spelling them correctly. Insist that your English professor change the grade on your term paper.

Link via Geekosystem

*As much as such a label can be attributed to something as nebulous as a language.

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Liquid Bricks Turn a Road's Surface Bouncy

(Video Link)

It looks like the surface of a road has suddenly turned aqueous! This is actually an art installation by Benjamin Boré in Bourges, France. Although there's not much information, an introductory video shows several people ripping up a section of brick road and putting a water mattress under the surface. That's why it's so bouncy.

via Colossal | Artist's Website

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What, Again?!

Yes, sadly, this is a real book. I guess we should all be glad that it's been discounted heavily. The Amazon reviews are harsh, which we fellas should take as encouraging.

Link via Urlesque | Photo: Flying Scotsman

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Cassette Tape Doilies

Jennifer Cantwell found that cassette tape can be successfully crocheted, and so turned Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band into a doily. What album do you think would make good doily fodder?

Link via Craft | Artist's Website

Previously: Cassette Tape Paintings

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I Find This Gathering of Penguins Somewhat Ominous

Officially, the 200,000 penguins are on the Salisbury Plain of South Georgia Island to mate. But still, that's a lot of penguins. If they were ever to make a power grab, this would be the time.

Link via Kuriositas | Photo by Flickr user Liam Q used under Creative Commons license

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Motorized LEGO Sandcrawler

(Video Link)

Marshal Banana's 10,000-piece LEGO Jawa sandcrawler is an extraordinary work in the medium. It's executed in great detail, inside and out. And it even works at collecting droids! He adds this interesting bit of Star Wars trivia: only one side of the Sandcrawler featured in Episode IV was painted, so he got creative with the other.

Link via DVICE

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Bronia Sawyer's Book Sculptures

Bronia Sawyer crafts lovely sculptures from old books, some abstract and some surprisingly realistic. She writes:

I love to take something like a book and turning it in to something visually pleasing. With book sculpture I like the fact that books are flat and square they have order but by cutting them and folding them you can create organice and random shapes. I also like to add colours but mainly for the way it looks in photographs.

Link | Artist's Website

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Police Shoot Concrete, Ornamental Alligator

After hearing reports that an alligator was loose in a suburban neighborhood, Kansas City police rushed to a home and found a concrete, ornamental alligator. Except they didn't realize that's what it was right away:

After consulting a conservation agent, who told them to kill the gator if they felt it posed a danger, one of the officers shot it twice in the head before realizing something was up, said Tom Gentry, an Independence police spokesman.

"It didn't move," Gentry said. "They inched up closer and closer and discovered it was a mock-up of a real alligator made to look like it was real."

Link via Say Uncle | Photo: AP

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Dolphin Tattoo on Amputation Site

This clever tattoo by Valio Ska makes good use of amputation scarring, don't you think? Kudos to the owner for his sense of humor.

Link via Nerdcore

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Miniature But Functional Firearms

For forty years, Alexander Perfiliev has been making miniature model firearms. They're duplicates of the actual designs (such as the Makarov pistol pictured above) scaled way, way down. English Russia reports that they actually work. We've seen functional miniature guns in the past, so it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Link via Technabob | Photo: Lesnyanskiy

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Dog Wants to Play with Dolphins

(Video Link)

Maverick the dog was fascinated by the dolphins, and so decided to jump in and play with them. His hoomins were none too thrilled with him.

via The Mary Sue

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BMX Rider Performs World's First Triple Back Flip

Jed Mildon, 24, of New Zealand became the first BMX rider to perform a triple backflip. He gained the necessary momentum by riding down a 20 meter ramp, then up a 3.6 meter ramp, which launched him into the air. You can watch a video (self-starting) of his feat at the link.


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What Made this Marking in the Sand?

It was a golden mole, which can be found in the desert of Sperrgebiet National Park, Namibia. It survives the heat by tunneling around just under the surface of the sand. At the link, you can watch a video of one being captured and examined by researchers.

Link | Photo: Frans Lanting/National Geographic

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Chocolate iPad 2

You're still using a chocolate iPad? Pfft. That's so old-fashioned. The new thing is the chocolate iPad 2, which is so much more Apple than the chocolate iPad. Get with the times! Instructables user stevequag tells you how to make one.

Link via Craft

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George Lucas Strikes Back

(Video Link)

After he was kidnapped, George Lucas spent twenty years in captivity, watching an imposter destroy his reputation with three intentionally terrible prequels. Now he's out and looking for revenge in this fake trailer by Bridge Stuart and Mike Litzenberg. "Not all men are created prequel."

via The Mary Sue

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Amphibious Ice Cream Van

HMS Flake 99 (shouldn't that be HMAICV?) is sailing through the UK's rivers, canals, and along its shores to sell its yummy wares. It's a promotional venture by Cadbury Icecreamland. Just paddle, swim, or sail up and place your order.

Link via Gizmodo | Photo: Taylor Herring

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Keyboard with Varying Key Heights Based upon Frequency of Usage

Think of Mike Knuepfel's sculpture as an infographic. The height of each letter is greater the more often that a letter is used in the English language:

Idea – I’ve been thinking about and exploring the idea of using 3d rapid prototyping techniques to create sculptural data visualizations. One idea was to have elements or data of the sculpture represent the object itself.

Link via Geekologie

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Acrobatic Bagger Has Mad Skillz

(Video Link)

Rajni, a bagger at a silk market in Chennai, India, treats his job like a performance, and his customers like they are an audience. Now, just add a backflip to the routine....

via Geekosystem

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Hand-Feeding a Great White Shark

(Video Link)

In this anxiety-inducing video, you can see shark expert Valerie Taylor feeding a Great White hand! And the end, she actually pets the shark on the head. As one YouTube commenter puts it "holy crap its the Shark Whisperer."

via Doobybrain

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Revolutionary New Birth Control Method for Men

Well, I thought that the DIY vasectomy kit that we sell in the NeatoShop would have been sufficient, but apparently some men are looking for alternate solutions in the field of contraception. Namely, one that isn't so permanent. An Indian researcher named Sujoy Guha thinks that he's found the solution. Here's how the procedure works:

Once the drug had taken effect, Das gathered a fold of skin, made a puncture, and reached into the scrotum with a fine pair of forceps. He extracted a white tube: the vas deferens, which sperm travel through from the testes to the penis. In a normal vasectomy, Das would have severed the vas, cauterized and tied up the ends, and tucked it all back inside. But rather than snipping, Das took another syringe, delicately slid the needle lengthwise into the vas, and slowly depressed the plunger, injecting a clear, viscous liquid. He then repeated the steps on the other side of the scrotum.

This liquid doesn't block the path of sperm cells exiting the testicles, but renders them inert as they move past. This substance should be removable, thus returning fertility to the patient. You can watch a video of the procedure at the link. Content warning: scrotum.

Link via DVICE | Photo by Flickr user aesop used under Creative Commons license

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What Is the Fittest City in the US?

According to a study by the American College of Sports Medicine, it's the Minneapolis-St.Paul metropolitan area, followed by Washington, D.C.:

Their winning rank reflects the cities' relatively low (and rapidly-diminishing) smoking rate, their above-average percentage of regular exercisers, moderate-to-low rates of obesity, asthma, diabetes, and other chronic concerns, and rising share of farmers' markets (indicative of a trend towards healthier dining). Boston takes the bronze, with Portland, Oregon fourth and Denver in fifth place. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Oklahoma City ranks as America's least fit metro, followed by Louisville, Memphis, Birmingham, and Detroit.

Link via Marginal Revolution | Photo (unrelated) by Flickr user Jason Lengstorf used under Creative Commons license

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Captain Jean-Luc Picard Proposal

I have no information about this young lady, but it is obvious that she is very fortunate to have found a man of such discerning taste and character. "Aye aye, sir" would be an appropriate response.

via Geekologie

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Huge Slingshot That Fires Circular Sawblades

(Video Link)

If there was a Nobel Prize for Awesomeness, Jörg Sprave would win it easily. And why isn't there such a Nobel Prize? The mere existence of this weapon alone justifies its creation.

Sprave, noted for his pioneering research into Gatling gun slingshot technology, now worked on the circular sawblade challenge. How did he ensure that the sawblade spins properly while in flight? Watch and find out.

Link via Gizmodo

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James Charles' Altered Currency

Also featuring Abraham Lincoln as Frida Kahlo and Andrew Jackson as Ronald McDonald. James Charles has made some slight adjustments to US currency. These are on display at The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, as well as at the link.

Link via Dude Craft | Gallery Website

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Jedi Delinquents

(Video Link)

One of Freddie Wong's best short films was Jedi A-Holes -- a brief glimpse into the world of criminally miscreant Jedi. He's back with the same theme, and the same two Jedi knights causing mischief in their town.

via Ace of Spades HQ

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Waterspouts at Close Range

(Video Link)

The sky gods are angry at Australia! Several waterspouts were seen off the coast of New South Wales, and a news camera crew got very close to them:

The video, taken from a helicopter by Australia's Channel 7, showed several powerful columns of swirling air blasting along the water's surface near the coastline.

Channel Seven says the spouts reached heights of up nearly two thousand feet), but dissipated as they neared land.

Link via Doobybrain | Photo: Singapore Waterspout

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Psychological Dimensions of Rage Comics

The crudely-drawn faces that constitute rage face comic memes may seem vague and random, but they actually represent very specific emotions. This chart from the scholars at Know Your Meme explains the comparative relationships between them based upon depression-elation and bliss-rage axes. You can view a larger image at the link.

Link via The Mary Sue

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Doctor Who Is Gonna Bust a Cap in Yo Ass

(Video Link)

This is a compilation of scenes of the Doctor getting violent. The Fourth Doctor especially seemed to appreciate long-range riflery. And the last scene...well, I did not see that coming at all. Content warning: NSFW language.

via Fanboy

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