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Vegetable Skeleton

Here's a great entertaining idea by Laura of Feeding Frenzy. Arrange vegetables into the shape of a skeleton and use a bowl of dip for a skull.

Link -via Lori

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Father Adorably Slams Baby with Hadouken

(Video Link)

A world class fighter begins training as young as possible. So YouTube user 420invzim is already teaching his son Ryder all of the Street Fighter moves that he'll need to triumph.

-via Kotaku

Fish Hadouken
Hadouken Attack on Chicago

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Waffle Iron Makes Edible Dollhouse Furniture

If you're searching for a way to furnish your gingerbread house, look no further. Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira designed an mold for making castella -- a Japanese-Portuguese cake -- that produces edible pieces of furniture.

Link -via Gizmodo

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Stunningly Cute Egg-Shaped Treehouse

(Video Link)

Joel Allen, a software engineer, hoped to retire at 26. That plan fell through. But he did build a little place to retreat to, which is a good compromise. The HemLoft is a cabin that he made in British Columbia over a few summers. It's a thing of beauty: simple colors, graceful curves, and just enough space for his needs.

Link -via The Hairpin

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The Fresh Prince of Eternia

Adam got in just one little fight and was sent off to live at Castle Grayskull.

Since the last time that we featured his wonderful mashups, Marco D'Alfonso has been busy combining Sesame Street with DC Comics, Transformers with Norman Rockwell, and more. Go forth and explore his hilarious gallery.

Link -via Comics Alliance

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Real Life Frogger

(Video Link)

If you're a hardcore Frogger fan, you'll run into busy streets and try to dodge cars. Hence the proverb, "There are old Frogger fans and bold Frogger fans, but no old, bold Frogger fans."

So Tyler DeAngelo, Ranjit Bhatnagar and Renee Lee made this alternative. 5th Avenue Frogger tracks traffic across one point of 5th Avenue in New York City and projects it into a game in an old Frogger arcade cabinet.

Link -via Make

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Salvador Dali Star Wars Tattoo

What would Star Wars have been like if it had been directed by Salvador Dali? This tattoo designed by deviantART member graynd brings us the persistence of empire by blending Star Wars and The Temptation of St. Anthony.

Link -via Geekologie

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Hamburger with 1,050 Strips of Bacon

RocketNews24 writes, "This is all your fault, America." I wish. If only we could claim credit for this culinary marvel!

Alas, that honor goes to a Burger King in Japan. It recently began offering customers fifteen strips of bacon on their Whoppers for 100 yen. The enterprising (and appropriately reverent) Mr. Sato saw an opportunity. He ordered a bit more.

Link -via Kotaku

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Electric Pizza Delivery Scooters Come with Sound Effects

(Video Link)

The electric scooters that deliver from Domino's Pizza in the Netherlands are almost silent. That makes them potentially dangerous because, like ninjas, you can't hear them coming. So speakers on the scooters emit appropriate, if delightfully amateurish sound effects.

-via The Presurfer

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Cell Phone Case Designed to Withstand a .50 BMG Bullet

Marudai claims that its heavy steel cell phone case will protect your beloved from all but the largest of small arms rounds. What caliber is your phone case rated to? If you don't know, then you need to experiment and find out.

Link (Google Translate) -via The Firearms Blog

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Join Now!

Come to the Dark side -- we have cookies! The Jedi can offer us nothing but honor and broccoli, as this recruitment poster by Scott Davidson reminds us.

Link -via That's Nerdalicious!

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Carved Alien Guitar

Gig Goldstein's carved guitar is close enough to H.R. Giger's original design to be scary. He's been carving for about twelve years and has gotten really good at it. You can see Goldstein's other guitars at his YouTube channel.

Link -via Walyou | Goldstein's YouTube Channel

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Amazing Wire Mesh Portraits

At first glance, you might think that this is a charcoal drawing hanging in a gallery. But it's actually a carefully trimmed and arranged assortment of wire mesh panels. Korean artist Seung Mo Park is responsible for this astonishing piece and other similar ones that you can view at the link.

Link -via Colossal (where there are videos)

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Cow Moos, Llama Laughs in Response

(Video Link)

Oh, Cow! She's just a barrel of laughs. Cow is cracking jokes and Llama can't help but laugh out loud.

In the comments, offer your translation.

-via Blame It on the Voices

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Barbie and Ken in Real Life

Charming or creepy? Photographer Hayden Wood used human models to bring Barbie and Ken to stiff, awkward life in series called Living Dolls. View five more images at the link.

Link | Photographer's Website

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His fashion sense is a bit wibbly-wobbly, but this cosplayer at the recent Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo will impress any Whovian. Who would like to be his next companion?

Link -via Fashionably Geek | Photo: adorkablekate

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Hot Water Beach: The Beach on a Hot Spring

I really want to visit New Zealand, a land that seems filled with wonders. There's a beach on the North Island where geothermal energy heats the sand. It can get as hot as 147° F, so visitors often dig hot tubs into the beach. View more pictures and a video at the link.

Link | Photo: Flickr user Anke L

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Amputee Plans to Climb Mount Everest with a Prosthetic Ice Axe Arm

Jaco van Gass, a British soldier from South Africa, lost an arm in Afghanistan. That's not slowing him down a bit. He plans to climb Mount Everest, making use of a prosthetic arm that he helped design himself:

He said: "I came up with the idea to attach an ice axe to one of my prosthetics, so I kind of challenged the guys at Headley Court to see how we could get this done."

Van Gass bought a regular ice axe and staff at the centre sawed off the double-sided head, then welded and bolted it to a specially adapted prosthetic made of carbon fibre and plastic.

Link -via Gizmodo | Photo: David Cheskin/Press Association

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TARDIS Lockers

Will you be able to fit all of your books inside? Yes, definitely. Madison decorated three lockers at Pinawa Secondary School in Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada.

Link -via Nerd Approved

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Olympics Organizers Invite Keith Moon (1946-1978) to Perform at the 2012 Games

When Keith Moon, the legendary drummer for the British rock band The Who, died in 1978, it was too much for some people to accept. Apparently that includes the organizers for the 2012 Olympics in London. According to the manager for The Who, officials requested Moon's presence during an upcoming performance:

The band's manager, Bill Curbishley, told the Sunday Times he had been approached to see if Moon "would be available" to play with the surviving members this summer.

"I emailed back saying Keith now resides in Golders Green crematorium, having lived up to the Who's anthemic line 'I hope I die before I get old'," came the excellent reply.

"If they have a round table, some glasses and candles, we might contact him."

Link -via Jammie Wearing Fools | Photo: Fruno Buland

Previously: Goodnight Keith Moon

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Cinnamon Bun Waffles

Canned cinnamon bun dough can double as waffle batter. Who knew? Suzie Ridler opened a can of Pillsbury brand cinnamon buns, slapped the segments on her waffle iron, then poured the packet of icing on top when they were done cooking. Yummy!

Link -via Tasteologie

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Doctor Whooves

(Video Link)

The Doctor has regenerated again. He's not a ginger, but he is a chestnut. There have been a few other anatomical changes in this Doctor Who/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover by Michael Kirspel.

-via The Mary Sue

Previously: My Little Dalek: Extermination Is Magic

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Interactive Population Density Map

Derek Watkins created a fun interactive map showing population density across the world. You can use a sliding bar to change the display. The above screenshot shows the parts of the world with more than five people per square mile. Slide the bar up to five hundred people per square mile and watch the world almost vanish.

Link -via Gizmodo

Previously by Derek Watkins: Generic Names for Streams

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Britons Declare Washington Britain's Greatest Battlefield Foe

British respect for George Washington runs deep. In 1814, while on its way to burn the city named in his honor, a British fleet tolled a salute to Washington as it passed by Mount Vernon. So it comes as no surprise that a debate hosted by the UK's National Army Museum selected Washington as the greatest foe to ever lead an army against Britain:

At the event, each contender had their case made by a historian giving a 40 minute presentation. The audience, who had paid to attend the day, then voted in a secret ballot after all five presentations had been made. [...]

Stephen Brumwell, author and specialist on eighteenth century North America, said: "Washington scores highly as an enemy of Britain on three key grounds: the immense scale of damage he inflicts upon Britain's Army and Empire – the most jarring defeat that either endured; his ability to not only provide inspirational battlefield leadership but to work with civilians who were crucial to sustain the war-effort; and the kind of man he was. As British officers conceded, he was a worthy opponent.

The other choices were Michael Collins, Napoleon Bonaparte, Erwin Rommel and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Who else do you think deserved consideration?

Link -via Ace of Spades HQ | Image: Smithsonian Institution

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Eye-Popping Graffiti by the TSF Crew

This brilliantly rendered image is, amazingly enough, painted on walls and the ground. The TSF Crew, a French art collective, shows the sophistication that has developed among street artists in the past few years. View more of its murals at the link.

Link and Official Website -via Colossal

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Rejection Generator for Writers

Are you a writer? Do you have a sense of self worth? Let's solve that problem before you actually read that rejection letter. The Rejection Generator will let you down gently in a variety of ways. Options include The Southern Gentleman, The Big Chakra Dosing Agent, and The Ego Shredder. Choose your option, submit your email address, and a general rejection letter will appear in your email inbox. Here's The Ego Shredder at work:

Dear Writer,

We could tell from your delicate treatment of human motivation and deep insight into character that you are a wise and gentle soul. We have been dreading having to write to you and inform you that your prose is crap, you wouldn’t know a plot if it jumped on your toe and then headbutted you in the crotch, and you should buy all of the grammar and style books on the market and read them from the first page to the last (if only because that will prevent you from writing for a while).

That must have been painful for you to hear, but we feel so much better now.

With sympathy,
The Editors

If you need me, I'll be under my desk with a bottle of whiskey.

Link -via @BrainPicker | Image: Paramount

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You'll Need a Microscope to View All of the Information on This Business Card

Is this clever, aggravating, or both? The employees of Ebolaindustries, an Italian ad agency, go by pseudonyms (e.g. Mrs. Grey) on their business cards. If you want to learn their real names, you'll have get out a microscope.

Link -via Super Punch

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Baby Leopard Loves Cuddles

(Video Link)

A caretaker found just the right scratching spot to induce bliss in a baby leopard. This little one lives at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington.

-via The Uniblog

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Extreme Alarm Clock Simply Will Not Permit You to Snooze

You have to get out of bed. Oh, no, this clock isn't going to lure you out with freshly-cooked bacon. Nor will it slap you in the face or toss you on to the floor. But you will have to leave your bedroom and show some basic cognition:

There is no snooze button. If you unplug it, a battery takes over. As wake-up time approaches, you cannot reset the alarm time.

It could be the world's most exasperating alarm clock.

Once it goes off, to stop it you must get out of bed, go into the kitchen or bathroom, and punch the day's date into a telephone-style keypad. That's the only way to stop the loud 'ding-ding,' designed to sound like a customer angrily banging on a concierge bell at a hotel.

My suggestion for a heavy-duty version: the user must solve a basic algebra problem before the alarm turns off.

Link -via Marginal Revolution | Official Website | Photo: AP

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Roach, R.I.P.

He was a fine bug: a devoted family man with over two hundred children. His loss was a shock to us all.

The Carmichael Collective in Minneapolis marked the passing of this roach by setting up a little memorial to him where they found his body on the sidewalk. It's one of several bug memorials that they made. You can find more photos at the link.

Link -via Bit Rebels

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